Energy Balls: These date balls were made in the food processor a while ago, I just like this photo still. Basically dates, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, cacao nibs and walnuts. You can add anything to these!! These were just rolled in different order so they look different but are all the same ingredients. I froze mine because I like the chewy texture better, yum

B wrapped Scallops: No other words needed. Rob and I have found an awesome butcher here in Edmonton called Real Deal Meats, we like getting our meat there because they sell locally raised meat of all kinds mostly grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotics. Makes me feels better ish.

Yonana!!: Turns frozen fruit into the texture of soft serve ice cream without adding anything. Fruit is already high in sugar but I suppose at least it’s naturally occurring. All the variations are just made using different frozen fruits or things like chocolate and cinnamon. You can freeze anything really.

Doughnuts: You can find the how to at (which is where I found it) I put my own twist on toppings but each kind has the coffee and chocolate base “icing” mine were definitely not the texture of doughnuts nor do they look like the ones from the article. I couldn’t find a doughnut baking tin so I used a muffin tin and cut the centers. That probably altered the texture a bit. I put some in the fridge and some in the freezer, I preferred the frozen ones.

Popsicles: Top row is breweed jasmine tea with raw honey and lemon. Bottom row is coffee with almond milk. Freeze, done. Honestly though, the coffee ones weren’t that yummy. The heavier coffee sediment stuff went to the bottom, which ends up being the top when you take it out so I actually cut off the top. Very strong coffee taste because they weren’t sweetened. Would probably be more enjoyable to blend a frozen banana and some dates and make more of a coffee smoothie then freeze into popsicles. Next time!

Dessert Sushi: Banana rolled in almond butter, then coconut. Put in freezer for 15 mins then take out and slice into nice dessert sushi peices. Nice cause you can keep in freezer and just have 1-2 pieces or you can make this as a snack and eat the whole thing…yum.


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