So for my favorite pancakes the recipe is crazy easy!

1 ripe banana 2 eggs. That’s it. Mash together in a bowl. You have batter. They basically fry up like typical pancakes. I use coconut oil in my pan, and just add a tiny amount before each batch. You can add anything you want to the actual batter. I usually add cinnamon because I love it and it goes so well with bananas. Here are a few suggested toppings for your pancakes.


Almond butter:

I also choose almond butter over peanut butter because get this – peanuts aren’t even nuts…they are legumes. This can cause problems for some people. Almond butter is a great source of Vitamin E, Omega 3 (good fat), magnesium and iron. Peanuts are susceptible to something called aflatoxins which are a type of mold and this can also cause problems for some people.

Raw Honey:

I use raw honey because it still has intact pollens and living enzymes, all which are killed in the heating process of pasteurization. If you’re looking for raw honey it should say right on the jar. It is more of a crystalized whiter look to it compared to golden syrupy texture of typical pasteurized honey.

Fruit syrup:

Homemade fruit drink syrup can also double as a sauce. Yum!

I made mine a few days before with 1 mango, grated ginger root, 1/2 lemon, and 2 tbsp. raw honey. All in glass jar, shaken, and left in fridge over night. Then put through a fine strainer to separate the fibers of the mango and ginger.


Chocolate Sauce***:

dates (about 4) pitted, cacao powder, water for consistency. I used my hand held blender to mix these 3 things and then refridgerated until I was ready to use. CacAo and cocOa only vary by a few letters but are actually quite different. Cacao powder is raw and cold pressed which keeps enzymes alive and is very high in minerals and antioxidants. Cocoa powder is roasted at high temps which eliminates the benefits.

Tip: If making a chocolate smoothie with cacao it is best made with non dairy milk like almond or coconut or cashew as dairy apparently inhibits the absorbtion of antioxidants from raw cacao.




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