Pork Chops!

Okay so I had some pork chops in my freezer so I was browsing the net to find a good recipe. I came across this mushroom sauce at paleo cupboard.


My sauce was quite runny and I’m not sure why. I followed the steps. Only thing I can think of was because I didn’t have a properly fitting lid to my pan, I had to make shift a lid and I’m assuming that affected my sauce. Oh I also didn’t cook my mushrooms in batches as I’m sure you can tell…maybe I should listen more carefully.


I accompanied the chop with some oven baked yam “fries”. Yam bakes?

I didn’t have a sauce to dip my yams in, so I was left feeling slightly unsatisfied, so I will be making a sauce for them soon I hope. The orange drink in the corner is the soda syrup I made with soda water.

***update. I was reheating the leftovers for lunch and added arrowroot powder (which is a thickening agent similar in appearance to cornstarch but absolutely not cornstarch) and the sauce thickened up to a better texture! For a better more in depth read on why arrowroot powder is a good choice over corn starch head on over to this other Katie’s blog.  http://theantidotelife.com/arrowroot-vs-cornstarch/


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