Wait what? Yes, deodorant. This is where it gets weird and I understand if you don’t want to be my friend after this … (haha…)

So a couple of years ago I started looking into the contents of antiperspirants. I came to understand that although we commonly refer to everything as deodorant, there’s a major difference. Deodorants, as they sound de odor. Antiperspirants as they also sound, stop you from perspiring (sweating) by blocking your sweat ducts with aluminum….yes, aluminum the metal.

Now get this, sweating is how our body eliminates toxins and even cools our bodies down on a hot day. If we block that ability, where do the toxins and the sweat go instead? There is definitely some debate about the toxicity of antiperspirants. Some say it’s linked to breast cancer due to the proximity of the underarm, others claim it’s harmless. It’s really hard to say but I wanted to know more.

This is what started my mission to find a natural deodorant, and believe me I tried MANY. The unfortunate thing I found was that “natural” brands were at least $5 or more per stick. I tried so many brands, and each one left me extremely irritated with a fierce burning sensation under my arms. WTF…? Okay so I couldn’t settle for that either. And this is why for the last year and half, maybe longer I’ve made my own, and used nothing but. IMG_9142I apologize for the photo, there was no way to make it appear pretty. For me this was simply the only way to know what was going into the product I was using every day, and that didn’t cause irritation.

  • 6 T coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup aluminum free baking soda (it will clearly state)
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot powder
  • essential oils (optional)

I will be very honest, there is a “transition” period that you will likely experience between conventional store bought deodorants and homemade. BUT if you stick with it (and your friends stick around 😉 ) than I don’t doubt you will eventually love it. (haha) I would never ever go back. I have saved money, as well as my pits. The first batch I ever made I omitted the essential oils as the only one I had was tea tree (way to strong). I have since made multiple batches and my favorite is peppermint (surprise). If you want to you can divide one batch into 2 or 3 glass jars and add a different oil to each, I also enjoy Orange.

Tip: You can recycle an old empty deodorant stick and put your homemade batch into the tube and apply as you would usually, or you can get over the ick factor and put it in a glass jar and apply with your finger…your choice!


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