Farmers Market

So it’s Saturday and that means market day. I was on my way across the river to a FM that I had been to before but was stopping to pick up my tickets for Taste of Edmonton first. While I was in the area of the ticket office I noticed some streets were closed and then saw it was for an outdoor famers market that I didn’t even know existed right where I was already headed! Perfect, so I circled the block a few times because finding parking during an event is crazy. I eventually found a parking garage that was reasonably priced and right where I wanted to be. So I paid and got my receipt and go inside. Once I left the building I saw a sign that said “please take 2nd receipt to make sure you have your building re entry code.” …SHIT! Definitely don’t have a code, I’m such a city amateur, but I’m trying. Anyways I end up calling the phone number on the sign and they say they’ll call me back with a code.

In the mean time, the market was beautiful! There were a few street performers playing live music, tons of people, and a lot of really nice fresh farm produce, meat, and eggs. The weird thing is, it’s probably the biggest crowd I have found myself in since moving to the city, yet it may have been the loneliest moment. It’s strange when hundreds of people are moving all around you and talking to each other and buzzing around and you are just observing but not really interacting. Hard to explain, but I guess it’s because you aren’t really turning to someone and saying “wow, that bunch of carrots looks so nice,” you are simply saying that in your internal voice to yourself. Anyways I got a bunch of business cards and pamphlets from local farmers so I can look into each one a little more and then make some purchases next Saturday. I really want to look into CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – which is a program you can sign up for and on a regular interval receive a box of fresh seasonal produce from a local farm. I’ll let you know more about that when I do.


So after I browse the market and walk a few blocks to the ticket place and successfully get my pre ordered Taste of Edmonton tickets (YES), I am now back to the parking garage dilemma. I had a voicemail in which a nice person left a code for me. So I’m back at the garage and I literally CANNOT find the door to go back inside…wtf!? I circle the building like a couple times and I’m starting to get anxious because I probably look like a crazy person scouting out some weird scheme. There are NO doors that have outside handles or code boxes. I even contemplated running under the main garage door when a vehicle was entering but it closed to fast…things were getting desperate. Just waiting around thinking about what to do when a vehicle exits the garage, I wave at them and the lady rolls down her window. “Hey, I know this is a stupid question, but where is the door to get back inside!?!?” “Ohhh” she says, “you have to go through the restaurant next door to get back inside the garage.”

OKAY WHAT? No where at any time or place was there an indication of that. Moral of the story is don’t be afraid to ask because sometimes you won’t figure it out on your own.


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