Soap and Lotion

My skin is sensitive and dry. Sounds weird but it’s not uncommon. I used to use a whole array of different fun smelling facial lotions that cost me $14 for a tiny bottle. But I decided to try and clean up my routine in regards to what I’m putting on my skin, especially my face. I actually used to work at a non toxic hair salon, and we sold products aimed at people who had severe allergies to toxins or additives. One of the brands we sold was Curelle. At the time I didn’t try it or even sample. A few years later, I sort of discovered it by accident. I was given a bottle of the unscented “hand and body” lotion, and I decided to try it on my face. AMAZING. Seriously I kid you not, it was the only lotion I ever tried that actually moisturized and didn’t leave a greasy film. Not only did it not cause me to break out, it actually completely changed my complexion for the better. My skin became clearer than it has ever been. I even used it twice daily, morning and night and it only got better. To this day I still use it daily. Love.IMG_9151

You can see that the ingredient list is less than 10 items long. Here is another in-depth review of this product that I found. It get’s a bit “sciency” but I got through the positive information and thought I would share.


As for soaps, for me it also traces back to that same job at the salon. I was introduced to Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap. Castile soap means it’s derived from either coconut oil or olive oil.


I hope you can see the tiny writing, but the ingredient list here is also less than 10 items long. And again peppermint my fav 😉 It’s not over yet, the really cool thing about this castile soap is that it claims to have 18 uses!!! That’s ALOT. You can use this one soap to make laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, etc. I like it as face was because you only need a super tiny amount and it lathers really nicely and it leaves a cool fresh minty sensation that I love.



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