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As I said before, I’ve only been doing my own reading and research so this information is what I’ve come across. It’s difficult to research because almost every single subject, every single fad, and even every single item of food has a pro team and a con team. It’s really hard to separate good facts from bad facts, and as we all know anyone can make a website (even me) so anyone can post whatever they want. Don’t accept everything at face value because it usually always has other, potentially valuable information.

Primal Body, Primal Mind.

High fat diet. These words scare a lot of people. At one point they would have definitely scared me as well.


So this book is one I have started but haven’t finished yet. It is quite “sciency” which makes a few chapters difficult to get through. What I’ve gathered from this book and what makes quite a bit of sense to me is that good fat is vital to human health. Although “low fat” items are making an appearance in our stores more than ever before, I avoid them as much as possible. To me, it doesn’t make sense that an item like yoghurt or sour cream which is basically made of fat, could be low in fat? What else would it be. I’ve heard the term “chemical shitstorm”.

When you think in terms of how and when humans evolved (yes I believe in evolution), food was always wild and natural and the main goal was just to get it. Fat (usually animal) was the longest lasting source of energy. Now don’t get me wrong, there are different kinds of fats and not all are good (confusing I know) but the source of the fat is very important. For example, you may find fat content in something like a tub of ice cream or a candy bar, but it’s very different from the fat from salmon or an avocado. It’s not recommending you go out and simply increase fat intake, but it’s just suggesting that weight problems are maybe not the result of naturally sourced fat, but from sugar? If you increase your fat intake without altering your intake of other things, things might not change a whole lot. Humans do not rely on sugar for any bodily function, period. We do however, rely on healthy fats for optimal brain function (fairly important thing we got going on.) I do recommend this read for more information about this subject.

Must Have Been Something I Ate.


So this book is super informative on an array of important subjects. In the table of contents you see chapters titled

  • Energy
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Sleep
  • Sex
  • Depression
  • Immune health
  • PMS

Anyways, the point is that sometimes we forget that what we eat literally effects everything!! If you’re having problems with any of the above, it could very well be managed by changing a few habits. I definitely recommend this easy and interesting read to anyone wanting to learn more about “The simple connection between what you eat and how you look and feel.” Also has a ton of recipes.

Make it Paleo 2


This cookbook is stunning inside! The photos are incredible and I want to eat every single item. I like it because it starts with really good information about the basics, even down to kitchen tools, explaining ingredients, and cooking methods. It also has a ton of variety from meats, appetizers, snacks, desserts, and even sauces (I love dipping). Can’t wait to try more 🙂

Healthy Food Healthy Home Healthy Life.


This book is written by a lady named Mandy Dugas who grew up on the same road as me!! Her book is really relatable because she starts out by explaining where she started from. Like sooo many of us, tired, overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy. She turned it all around with food and she’s sharing how she did it. Pretty awesome food too. The photos are beautiful and the information is great. Her book is available in Campbell River at Healthy Way! You should definitely check it out. She also has an online blog that is easily accessible. Go see 🙂



So this book really got me started a few years ago. they have really neat write ups with information about the food in their recipes. It’s easy to read and it has fun ideas. There are definitely ingredients I’m not super fond of using like granulated sugar. So, for that reason I don’t make everything in this book. Some can be adjusted to your own personal eating style, some cannot. But I still enjoyed this cook book and it’s an awesome starting point. It takes a lot of time to really dial in your own personal style. Adding good food in is always a plus. You can start by adding things in, and then eventually cutting other things out. Or however you wish to approach it. Maybe you don’t want to change a single thing, and that’s fine!!!

I encourage you to question everything!!! Yes, everything. Even the habits you grew up on, what your doctor tells you, what I’m telling you, what you read etc. I don’t mean go against what your doctor says, but a lot of doctors will prescribe medication as their first resort. To me, I honestly believe there are so many other ways to deal with certain non emergency problems than pills. Doctor’s study sickness, not health.

All of the above books follow very different eating styles than the others. I think it’s cool to dip into each one and learn about the different lifestyles. It’s up to you to decide what advice to follow and how you live your life. Personally I like to take some from each. I eat meat and probably always will, even though some of these books don’t use meat in their recipes. I am also avoiding grains which some of these books use. It’s all about choices, make them!!

Other books that I have on hand and am getting ready to read



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