Steak and Cauli Mash

The other day when I made the cauliflower rice for sushi, I made extra because I knew I could find something to use it for within the next few days. Found it!
Last night I made steak for dinner and a nice classic side for that is mashed potatoes but potatoes are a very starchy vegetable so in an effort to cut back on that I decided on garlic cauli mash!

So to try and make the perfect steak I followed tips from the blog It was somewhat of a reverse cooking method that I had already heard of (sear your steak then transfer to oven to finish) well this one starts in the oven, and finishes with a sear.


2 steaks from our local butcher. I cut each into halves and seasoned all surfaces with salt and pepper.

I set the oven to 275 and set the seasoned steaks in 10 minutes on each side. I didn’t have the “wire” wrack that was used in the instructions but oh well.


While the steak was in the oven I further cooked the already rice sized cauliflower.


After 10 minutes on each side in the oven, I heated a pan on high heat with some coconut oil in the pan and seared the steaks for 2 minutes on each side until they had a “crust”.


Meanwhile, I tried to puree the cauliflower in my food processor but it just wasn’t working so I transferred it and used my immersion blender. I added some cultured butter, salt and pepper, garlic and a splash of almond milk to get it going. The immersion blender worked great and they were fluffy!! Oh I put 2 cloves of garlic in my mash and it was seriously intense, I would use less next time even though I LOVE garlic.


I let my steaks rest for 10 minutes as this was stressed as very important in the instructions. Sometimes multitasking really frazzles me and I have a hard time making sure everything times right. I had my cauliflower ready too early so by the time my steaks had rested, my mash wasn’t as hot as I would have liked it. OH WELL. It’s a learning curve.


It was good 🙂 I had a side of raw veg and the Opa dressing. It can be hard when you’re making changes to not stress out when you can’t change everything at once. The dressing is probably the worst thing I’ve been using ingredient wise lately and I was feeling kind of guilty using it. Although I do feel good about raw veg and it’s a trade off. I Just have to remind myself to relax about it and that all things will happen with good time. Other than that It was great and I even have lots of left overs- which usually happens when you’re cooking for 1.



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