Cauliflower Crust PIZZA and Pizza Sauce

Scratch what I said about I really want you to try the sushi. You NEED to try this. Honestly takes comfort food to a whole ‘nother level. Wow.

This recipe is not dairy free but it is grain free and that’s still a semi win! I got the recipe for both the sauce and the crust from my Make It Paleo 2 IMG_9185 (see food book post). You should also check out their website.


The recipe calls for strained tomatoes but I used crushed tomatoes. I found some with no salt. It kind of goes against my imagined paleo guidelines to buy canned items, but there are some things that just make life easier. I probably read and compared the label of every can of tomatoes in the store which took so long but I have become a bit obsessive about making the best choice of my available options and sometimes that just takes a little extra time – totally worth it.

Basically just whisked together 3/4c crushed tomatoes, 3tbsp tomato paste, and a bunch of dried herbs (oregano, sea salt, marjoram, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper). That’s it. In a pan I let it simmer. I think the strained tomatoes might be more liquidy so the time they suggested to let it simmer didn’t seem necessary for my sauce. Maybe I did it wrong, not sure. The sauce was deeeelish though. I took it off the heat instead of simmering up to 1 hour because it was starting to stick to my pan and I didn’t want it to dry out or burn.

From the same cook book I got the recipe for cauliflower crust.

Basically you chop up half a head of cauliflower (I used food processor) and SQUEEZE as much liquid out as you can manage. This is pretty important. If you don’t do this step your crust will still taste yummy but you likely will have to eat it with a fork and knife because it will stay soft. By using paper towel or a large cloth, or even a cheese cloth (which I don’t own) to get the moisture out, it allows your crust to become crispy and you can eat pizza how we all love to eat it – with our hands.

Once this is done add to cauli

  • 1c arrowroot powder
  • 1c grated parmesan
  • 1 beaten egg
  • Black pepper
  • garlic and onion powder (I just put upwards of 1/2 tsp)

Use your hands to mix this all together and form a dough like substance.


Grease your pizza pan and use your hands to evenly spread the dough to all edges.


Once crust is formed, put in preheated oven @ 400 for 12 mins. Take the crust out and raise the temp to 450. Get your already made from scratch pizza sauce and go to town. I used all of mine on the one pizza. I also used my own choice of toppings and not all of the same toppings from the book. Pre cooking the crust helps it get crispy without burning your toppings.


One of my FAV pizza combos is butternut squash and prosciutto. Something my mom and I tried a while ago and loved. This is the first time I’ve tried it on the cauli crust, and just wow. I added thinly sliced butternut squash, prosciutto, mushrooms, spinach. I then used full fat mozzarella (yup, dairy). I realized mid recipe that I also don’t own a cheese grater lol! It’s the little things you don’t think of until you reach for and they aren’t there. It’s the first cheese I’ve bought here so I haven’t needed it. I did however have a small zester grater that I use for ginger root so it was a bit of a painfully slow process. In the end I felt like it spread the cheese nicely all while keeping it light. After the cheese layer I added sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.


Put your topped pizza back into the oven for another 10-12 mins. Until cheese is melted and edges are golden. Slice, eat, enjoy. I like to top with chili flakes.

Honestly this was SO good. I have to refrain from eating the entire pizza and also from eating it for breakfast. I don’t have the classic round pizza pans so I used a cookie sheet. Honestly though it really reminds me of my Auntie Carol and Uncle Ken because when I was a kid I went over to their house literally every weekend and we made homemade pizza and watched a movie. We always made square pizza and we would cut it with scissors too, which I thought was hilarious. Such a comfort food.

IMG_9310 Is it just me or is my forehead wrinkly now?!?!

And although I did use cheese, I think it’s totally fine to indulge here and there regardless of how strict your habits are. Unfortunately I now want to make this everyday. Another thing I’ve seen on instagram is people making “cheese” from a cashew base. The poster said her kids didn’t even notice the difference. If dairy is something you absolutely cannot tolerate, that would be a good option. I think I will try making it ONE day.


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