Movie Day

I watched a couple documentaries today (my fav type of entertainment) and I wanted to tell you about them. Both available on Netflix

Blue Gold: I remember quite a while ago my friends Sara and Jason were telling me I need to watch this and that it’s a huge eye opener. Well today I FINALLY watched it and I’m part speechless, part incredibly saddened, and part inner activist wants to change the world. Not going to happen (probably not). This doc is all about the world wide privatization of water. Let me tell you it’s one of those movies that basically makes you reevaluate the overall structure of humanity. It talks about how much of a water crisis the world is really in, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Yes my taps still “magically” produce water and I’ve never had to worry whether my shower will function or not, but LOTS of people do. I mean I think we are all aware of the differences between living in a “Top 4” country like Canada or The United States and living in a 3rd world developing country. But I guess what some of us don’t fully realize (myself included) is that it’s not the majority of the world who lives like we do, actually very few when you consider how many people exist on Earth.

In some countries where tap water is not available and the only option is to buy it, it is not uncommon to find a bottle of water less affordable than a bottle of coke. And huge companies like Coca-Cola will own smaller sub companies by different names that sell things like bottled water. See where I’m going with this, it’s all back to profit (kind of like our food industry too).

In Bolivia, which is an extremely impoverished country in South America, the people were prohibited from gathering RAIN WATER due to privatization of water. I just can’t wrap my head around how anyone can claim to own something like rain water and not allow someone to gather it. It also blows my mind that this claim would hold from a legal standpoint. Who allows bullies to have such control over an entire population like that? It’s literally life or death when you can’t drink water from your taps, can’t collect rain, and can’t find a clean natural source. Your only option becomes buying water which is also controlled by huge companies who are the only ones with the selling rights to that area. And for some the people living in the poorest country of South America, buying it isn’t even an option.

This doc did make me kind of glum because it didn’t really have a great turn around at the end besides the 6 year old who started a company that ended up raising 2 million dollars to build wells. It was also a few years old so I couldn’t help but imagine how much worse it had gotten since it was originally released. It was very informative though and I think the information is important!! We should know what is happening in other parts of the world, because it’s really a game of chance of who is born where. Why can’t humans just live in harmony and respect the fact that every single person needs good food and clean water to survive regardless of where they live or how much money they make. Seems like the best things on earth are being destroyed by a species that’s so smart they’re stupid.  😦

Hungry For Change:. This is a bit more positive in the sense that when you look past the evils of huge corporations you see that you CAN control some aspects. It’s also kind of neat because a lot of the principles it was discussing were ones I have already attempted to incorporate into my life. For that obvious reason, it was one I could relate to and enjoyed. I mostly agreed with the statements it made especially regarding sugar=crack. I also didn’t feel panicky or scared by the information (like the above) probably mostly because I’ve already started phasing it out…otherwise, knowing me, I would. Something else that I really appreciated about the documentary is that almost every professional or speaker that it featured had personally experience either being overweight (like over 400 lbs) or sick (cancer) and have recreated themselves with a change in their diet. Specifically Kris Carr who is a gorgeous woman living with an incurable cancer and her story is amazing -and sad (I’ve looked further into her after this doc). She has her own documentary called “Crazy Sexy Cancer” that I haven’t yet watched but after today intend to soon!

Not saying I appreciate the fact that people have gone through these really difficult things but it makes their advise a lot more “real”, rather than some perma fit person saying “working out it is good”. It not only talked about sugar as a big danger but the “diet” foods as well, like soda which contains other chemicals in place of sugar.

Another big thing that is revealed is that the “food” industry really doesn’t have human health in their best interest. What the big guys care about is profit, and they basically trick people into making choices they think are good in order to make a HUGE income. Which seems unfair x2!!

There were definitely parts of this doc that were better than others (I didn’t really love the character who didn’t actually have lines, just thoughts) but I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a little bit more about the basics and the food industry.

I guess documentaries are good because they are informative and they create awareness. For me, they also create gratitude because it helps me realize what a privileged life I live. I’m lucky enough to not only have food to eat every day but to choose between foods I want to eat and ones I don’t. Although every country has it’s flaws, Canada is a very safe and fortunate place to be raised. I even get to sit here and type stuff up onto a computer for the sole purpose of it gives me something productive to do…crazy.


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