Begin Anywhere


If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do or wanting to try for the first time, something you’re sort of interested in, just start. For whatever reason you haven’t yet whether you’re afraid to try something new, you don’t want to change your habits, you don’t know how…doesn’t matter just do it. Take a little step into the direction of your goal. You don’t have to reach your goal on the first attempt. This goes for so many things, it doesn’t have to be food or cooking or eating at all! It could be anything!! Maybe you want to walk every day, maybe you want to make more time for the important people in your life, maybe you want to learn a new skill, maybe something in your life is changing without your consent. Whatever it is. Just begin!


If you need some help visualizing what you need to do is make a goal board! I just made one this week. I’m a huge fan of lists, I make a list for everything!! They usually end up lost or crumpled somewhere though so I wanted somewhere to keep them neat. I also like to list my lists lol…like I just can’t make one giant list for a bunch of different categories, that would be crazy. So I have made separate lists for different things I’m working on 🙂 This way you see them daily and you can easily keep adding to them! Eventually I will get this up on the wall.

Another good place to put something up is on your bathroom mirror. I mean who doesn’t look at it at least once daily. A positive reminder, quote, or inspiring thought taped to your mirror can actually go a long ways. Try it out.

Today was a much more successful trip to the market! I had no parking problems and I left with purchases today!! Yay. Last week when I went by myself for the first time, I didn’t even buy anything. But I got out and went and that was a start. This week I felt more organized and made some purchases! Begin Anywhere!

IMG_9412 IMG_9415

Check out that load of carrots! Today I came home with farm eggs, blueberries, raspberries, micro greens, kale, beets, beet tops, rainbow chard, lettuce, and cucumber! My freezer is full of meat so I was solely on a produce mission.


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