Zucghetti and Meatballs

Rob is home and tonight’s dinner was a team effort. Rob made meatballs and I made a sauce.

Meatballs had onion, garlic, and an array of dried spices. Hand formed into shape and cooked at 350 for aprx half hour.

Sauce was made from crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, onion power, garlic powder, fresh and dried basil, salt and pepper, and an array of random dried spices. We also added beef sausage that we bought from the butcher today who informed us they had just been made up and packaged an hour prior, as good as you can get! They really made the sauce.

This time with the zoodles, instead of adding them to the hot sauce to cook, I added them to boiling water for 30 seconds then rinsed with cold water. Could have spent a bit longer in the boiling water, but that’s what I read to do.


I’m really enjoying the look of this dish!! 🙂 Topped with some fresh grated parm. Super filling and delicious!!!!!!

Something that I really love is that Rob and I both enjoy cooking and it’s something we can do as a duo or one of us can do for the other. I obviously have been cooking for one a lot lately, but it’s cool when he’s home it’s not just me cooking every meal myself.


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