Food on days off

Rob’s first morning home I got up before him and started breakfast. It was something he jokingly teased about before he was home. He was seeing all this super yummy food I was making and he wasn’t there to enjoy it so he was like I want that first morning, brought to me in bed. Well I made it for him but I made him come to the table.


Banana and egg pancakes with chocolate date sauce (see Breakfasts for recipe) , berries, coffee, and local sausages. Yum, good to have you home!

You may have seen the Chinese food night post, and if you haven’t, I recommend you find it under “dinners”.


SO good!

We also did sushi night! We made tempura prawns from Paleo Takeout book, scallops, and veg with cauliflower sushi rice. This is a fun dinner because you can make each bite different and everyone makes their own and chooses what they want. It’s hands on and messy which is a good time.


We also had a really great time at The Taste of Edmonton with our good friend Shelby.

IMG_9649 IMG_9667 IMG_9669 IMG_9644 IMG_9643

It was such a nice day out and we really enjoyed the live music, lemonade, sunshine, and just getting out and being part of something in the city. How cute is that photo of Shelby and I !? The food was good, but it wasn’t MIND BLOWING. Which actually is a good thing because it was a huge “cheat” from our “lifestyle” but it didn’t really make us feel sad that we won’t be eating it all the time. We have made a pretty good plan of trying a NEW restaurant once a month on days off. This gives us a chance to try new types of food, get to know the new city, and also gives us some slack and allows us to enjoy stuff but also ups the chances of us sticking to the new lifestyle long term. Honestly though we don’t even want to look back, we feel good and we also really enjoy the foods we are making. Deprived is something I do not feel.

So earlier in the same day as the Taste, we decided, heck might as well make it an all day cheat if we are doing this, so we decided to visit an old FAV restaurant of ours that we used to frequent 3 years ago called Mini Mango. We haven’t been in a long time but we got what we always did.


To tell you the truth, it was good, but again, not AMAZING, which we used to think it was. It honestly seems like every time we decide to stray and treat ourselves we are left thinking hmm well it wasn’t that great. I think maybe the noodles were just bland now because they’re just rice noodles and don’t have much flavor? At first I thought maybe it changed but then I realized, I think WE have changed. In good ways of course and that makes me happy.


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