House -> Home

Ten days is a nice chunk of time to spend together. We did a lot of relaxing these days because soon I’ll be extremely busy and Rob is usually a bit tired after 20 days of work (understandably). We really love our new home though and it’s becoming very homey! We have made quite a few trips to IKEA lately. Mostly because they have a decent selection and some pretty alright prices. These past days off we got a futon and a book shelf and a dresser. After the purchase, it’s time to build!!!

IMG_9558 - Copy IMG_9559 - Copy IMG_9560 IMG_9561 IMG_9562

Put Rob right to work on the futon and I had to help too. It was funny because we used the wrong screws and had to undo it all and redo it with the right ones!! agh. Futon got built then I proceeded to sit on it with a tequila, lime, and soda and watch him build the book shelf Heheheh.

IMG_9570 IMG_9573

Afterwards we both got to relax on the new “couch”. It’s so nice to have one!!!! Before we were sitting on folding chairs that our friend generously donated to us but it’s definitely awesome to have a shared seating arrangement.

IMG_9780 IMG_9781IMG_9782

Finished products! They really do make a difference in coziness and organization. The futon has 3 modes, regular upright, lazy, and bed. We like the lazy mode hehe and the purple quilt on the couch is one my mom sewed for me đŸ™‚

We also had our first guest stay over! Our close friends Kevin and Erica who Rob lived with for like 3 years had her mom staying with her for a while and she was flying out of Edmonton. So when we went up to Lac La Biche to visit them, we brought Donna home with us.

IMG_9626 IMG_9630

Beautiful sunset with passing train, and crazy vibrant yellow field of canola and bright blue skies on the way to and from LLB!! Nice drive đŸ™‚

She stayed the night on our new futon, and we drove her to the airport the next day. It’s funny because she always insists of snapping a few photos of us and Rob’s just putting on a face because I’m sure if he had a choice he wouldn’t have been in them. He’s cute.

IMG_9639 IMG_9633

I have been wanting some house plants to liven up the basement and first all I could find were fake ones and finally found a bunch of live ones and stocked up! I also got a basil plant at the farmers market.


The trick now is keeping them alive. I was sort of under the impression I could spread them around the house and add some green to each room but I quickly realized this didn’t make them happy. They became sad and that made me sad so I have arranged them in the window sill in order to get as much sunlight as possible! Which isn’t a ton in the basement but around noon they get a decent dose everyday. I love using the fresh basil in my food! Plus they look cute.


Rob is back at work now and I miss him, we really do have such a good time together!! But I’m just keeping myself occupied for a few more days before I fly home to visit friends, family, and then relatives from Italy are coming to Canada and I’m very excited for their visit!!!


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