Kale Chips

This is something I have been wanting to try for a while. I had only once before had kale chips and I wasn’t a fan of the seasoning that came on them so I didn’t like them. All you really need is kale and a cooking oil like olive or coconut. And an oven…some people make this in a dehydrator but I do not own one and found the oven was perfectly fine!

Start by washing your kale and preheat your oven to 350.


This is important because tiny little things can hide in the curliness of kale.

Next you want to make sure your kale is very dry. I took a very long time basically hand drying each piece with paper towel because again the curls hold water and I wanted these to turn out! If your kale is wet you will likely end up with soggy bites instead of crunchy chips.


Toss a small amount of oil (I used olive) with the dry pieces and “massage” it into the leafs to ensure it gets every one.


While in the bowl I seasoned mine a few different ways. I ended up doing 3 batches because I only have one baking sheet and couldn’t fit all the kale in one time. I used garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper on the first 2 batches and they were delish. On the last batch I only used onion powder and garlic powder.


Before and after cooking. 12 minutes in the oven and done. I timed it and it was pretty much perfect.


crispy delicious chips! I like the seasoning, you could really use anything. Simple would be just salt and pepper, maybe even lemon juice? I’m sure the internet has a huge collection of suggestions.


I used some of my homemade sauce, added some spicy cayenne and used it as a dip. It’s not mrs vickies but it’s basically chips and dip….yum 🙂


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