Coconut Ice Cream

So I LOVE ice cream but since cutting dairy it’s obviously out. I have always liked coconut milk ice cream though and often would buy the brand “Coconut Bliss” which comes in lots of yummy flavors and is free from soy and dairy.

I have been seeing and hearing about a different brand call “Screamin’ Bros” and have started following their page on instagram. I found it today at Save On and decided I had to try.


I chose Mocha because I’m obsessed with coffee flavored stuff. Anyways the price, ingredients, and taste not only measure up but I think surpass coconut bliss.

As you can see it is free from:

  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Sulphites

I’m not sure if coconut counts as a tree nut because I would have thought they do but it’s clear this is not free from coconuts. I don’t have a problem or allergy with nuts so I don’t mind anyway, just a thought.

The ingredient list is short and actually better than coconut bliss.

  • Organic coconut milk (which does contain organic guar gum)
  • Honey
  • Fair trade coffee
  • Fair trade organic raw cocoa
  • Organic vanilla extract

I’ve got no idea how they make these things into a creamy delicious ice cream but it really, really works. I don’t have a problem with guar gum but I have heard that some people have allergies to the gums? The coconut bliss although delicious, sweetens with agave nectar which I have been reading up on lately and am coming across a lot of information that suggests it way more processed than we are led to believe and isn’t much better than white sugar. It’s hard to know because I myself thought of it as a healthy alternative not at all long ago. The CB brand also uses lecithins which I have heard very mixed things about. I believe soy lecithin is something worth avoiding and I’m very unclear on sunflower lecithin. Confusing and I can’t really advise one way or another because I don’t even understand them. I also don’t know if the honey used here is raw or not but, oh well! It’s good and I don’t feel sick or guilty eating this. I crave sweet basically every night after dinner so it’s to have something on hand!


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