Leftover Magic

Everyone knows that feeling when you don’t know what to make for dinner and you’re looking through your fridge feeling discouraged and finally decide to throw something random together. This is one of those times, but a success story.

All I really had was thawed ground beef and cauliflower. I got on the internet and googled some stuff and just decided to wing it. I sliced the cauliflower so the pieces were flat, tossed it in melted coconut oil and sprigs of rosemary.


I put the oven at 400 and let it sizzle, then flipped the cauli. Didn’t time just watched it until it was golden brown.

With the ground beef I started by cooking it first.


I added onion and garlic. I didn’t want it to just be beefy though aha so I tried to make a sauce. I added coconut amino, fish sauce, and sesame oil. IT WORKED. I also added some broccoli and some carrots, topped with cashews.


I just let this cook until the veg was soft and the cauli was done.


So this I don’t have anything to eat kind of night has now turned into I want this again tomorrow and this is a new fav.


Yum! Honestly the sesame oil made the beef dish SO delicious!! And the cauliflower I had never prepared like that before but it was amazing. Something interesting happened, my first bite of cauliflower I was taken back to a “taste memory” and couldn’t quite place where or what I had tasted that it reminded me of. Then I had a light bulb moment and it was like OMG ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS!! Obviously that was the last thing I expected this dish to taste like but the golden brown crispy parts literally tasted like fire roasted burnt marshmallows (in a good way) even though I’m no longer a marshmallow eater. It was kind of funny. I literally made this like 3 days this week by choice not even because I had nothing else. SO GOOD.


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