Practice Makes Perfect

Okay so my friend Emily is a yoga fanatic and a while ago when we were both living in CR we were spending lots of time together because we both had open days. We started doing some at home yoga sessions where she would literally privately instruct me. It was awesome and I loved it. My favorite thing I learned was the proper foundations of a headstand. For about a month I was practicing every day at least once.

After my move and getting caught up in new things I had not been practicing much at all. The last few days I have gotten back into it and it became really clear to me that even though I haven’t been doing it everyday lots had progressed. I think it has a lot to do with just becoming more aware, and also healthier, and slightly tighter ahah.

I took a photo of myself doing it back in April…so about 3 months ago. And another one again today (August), I just wanted to share the obvious progress!!


April 2015 vs August 2015. It’s quite clear that I am not even in the proper stance in the first photo and that’s fine it’s where I started and I kept practicing. Today I practiced for like 2 hours because I got really into it and decided to see if I looked better. I would say YES. I think my form looks good but I also think my overall tone has improved. Woot! I can’t hold it very long but today was my longest yet 🙂 and yes I’m aware I’m as pale as the white wall ha


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