Cherries and HotPot

So my Auntie Denise and I haven’t lived in the same town or even province for a few years now. When I moved to Edmonton I learned that coincidentally out of the entire city I ended up moving literally 5 minutes away from her after not even knowing she was here much before I moved! Talk about strange coincidence. It has been really nice to have some family near though because when Rob is away since I haven’t started school yet things can get boring and lonely. I’ve been over for dinner a few times which is really nice because they’re really accommodating towards my avoidance of certain food items! 🙂 My younger cousin and I have gone for a bike ride and hung out a bit too.

Yesterday I went over to their place and picked cherries with them in the yard. They have a tart cherry tree and it has SOOO many cherries!!

IMG_9911 IMG_9912 - Copy

The cherries are so red and pretty. Although they are quite tart to just eat, I’m confident I can find a good paleo baking recipe to use them up as I took a huge bag home and we picked like 10 huge bags. It is are also expensive to buy dried tart cherries so my aunt thought my dehydrating them and trying to make her own! If that worked it would a great trail mix addition or also for baking.


After we picked the whole tree clean, which was a lot, I was invited to go with them to try a new restaurant we have been wanting to! This place called Bangkok is directly across the alley in which my garage/backyard is in. I can see it from my house. At first I was like that place looks sketchy, but I came across it on YELP and all the reviews were 5 stars and then one day I smelled the food when I walked by and I knew it was in my future.

So it is a hot pot restaurant so they actually don’t have a menu. You choose a broth and then you go to a buffet style counter and choose what you want. You then cook those raw items in your piping hot broth and eat away! You can go back and get more things as much as you want.


We all chose the spicy broth and it was so tasty. They had tons of options for cooking, some of which I avoided because they were slightly out of my comfort zone and other because I was still trying to mainly stick to my ways. In my soup I cooked prawns, muscles, white fish, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, cilantro, green onion, thin sliced beef. It was so good I would definitely go back. It was slightly awkward at first only because we had never been nor had we done that style before but once we got the hang of it, it was great. They are open 7 days a week from 4pm till midnight so I will walk the aprox 20 steps here when it’s late and I don’t want to cook!


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