I picked up a coffee machine that my sister didn’t want a while ago. Although we are missing the carafe which makes things really difficult we are working on replacing that! When I was visiting home I found the manual for it and finally learned how to use a few of the tools I hadn’t been able to figure out.

One of those things was the espresso part and the steamer. Well I got it now and here is my first attempt at a latte. I made the espresso, steamed some almond milk until it was hot and then until like 1/3 of the cup was foam. Poured them together and added a light drizzle of honey on the top.


Technically I guess it’s more of a cappuccino because of the foam? Not sure but yummy.


We’ve also been on the caveman coffee as well. It’s a bit strange sounding if you’ve never heard or tried it before. It’s popular in the groups of people eating “primal or paleo” (high fat diets). You make coffee like usual and in a blender you blend the coffee with a spoonful of coconut oil and grass fed butter. It creates a creamy, foamy, rich coffee drink. Before you freak out about the butter (I did too) think about cream. Butter and cream aren’t too different… butter is pretty much cream in a different form, a semi solid form. We also make certain to buy high quality grass fed butter specifically for this. I couldn’t find grass fed butter when I lived in CR but have found it in the city. We don’t replace breakfast with this, we just consider it a bonus boost. It is sort of a mental leap to move beyond the “fat makes you fat” or fat is bad lifestyle. The more research I’m doing the more I’m willing to push what I know. It definitely isn’t for everyone but those who are on board know why we’re hooked. There’s always a pro and con to everything or just different views so I understand some will feel strongly on the con side of this trend or have opposite oppinions and that’s ok! There’s no way to know except to go by how you feel! We feel good 🙂


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