Chicken and Broth

This is somewhat of a repeat post because I already went through all the steps for the crock pot chicken and broth. Just wanted to share it again because it’s so awesome.


With some fresh rosemary that we brought home with us from my moms garden, this chicken was very simply dressed. Lemon and garlic inside, rosemary outside. It was huge so we could only fit a small amount of carrots and celery into the pot with it. We made mashed yam too!


Such a delicious satisfying dinner! We had salad and the green stuff in the top corner is a salad dressing I made. This time with the leftovers I strained all the wilted carrots and celery out from the drippings. I added all the bones back in and only added some apple cider vinegar (helps with extraction), covered with water and cooked on low for 12 hours.

The next day when it was ready I strained it out and just added some to a mug! Apparently bone broth has lots of health benefits for you, you can use it in a lot of recipes, make soup, or just sip it!


Rob made breakfast while I sipped broth. What a morning. Its delicious, like soup. You can then refrigerate or freeze. Once cooled it should become a gelatin like substance. You can just reheat as needed! Yum.


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