It’s one of my favorite months of the year, September always brings change. People get new schedules, start new activities, and the weather changes. I feel like the change from summer ~> fall is more abrupt than the change from spring ~> summer. I enjoy cooler temperatures. It has been notably colder yesterday and today than before, I know that this years winter is going to be a level up from my last years winter. I do really like fall for the colors and the clothing…scarfs and sweaters and boots are great, it’s not really a full season here though!

School starts in a few days and I’m definitely ready, I’ve had lots of time to settle in and now I’m antsy to get back into a timetable. I got a bus pass with my student card and I’m going bus to school, it’s very close so it’s a short ride. I took the route yesterday because I wanted to do it at least once before school. Since I live so close it doesn’t make sense to pay for really expensive parking and spend more time looking for a parking spot than driving. I can either take the bus from the intersection right near my house and get off a few blocks down the same road and take a different bus from there to the front doors of the school, or I can walk to the second intersection and only take one bus. I guess it just depends how cold it gets.

I had a second wave last night and went into full baking mode. I had ingredients and recipes. I have “befriended” an older lady who lives across the alley from me. She has a bunch of apple trees and every week her garbage bin is over flowing with bags and bags of apples. At first I thought they must be sour or terrible or something!! But I went and talked to her and they’re the best apples I’ve ever had. I asked her if I could pick some and she said come any time, don’t have to tell me when. So I picked a huge bowl of them and decided to add them into ~> THE BAR RECIPE <~

The method was the same, only things I changed was I swapped apples for chocolate, added shredded coconut on the top, and baked for 16 minutes instead of 19-20. They are definitely softer, and the apple is delicious. Oh I also got a new container of almond butter because I used mine up and it was a lot smoother so that seemed to help as well. I just had one right now (a day later) and dammit they are good!!


Softer and chewier than the first batch. I added the apple in raw and it cooked perfectly. It is slightly crumbly so I cut it into smaller squares. Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the apples maybe muffins? It would be smart of me to really pick lots and make tons of snacks and freeze them, we will see what actually happens… Oh and the sour cherries are in the oven RIGHT NOW dehydrating. They are set to be in there for 8 hours!!! I will update on that when they are done.


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