Dehydrated fruit


Since I picked ~> cherries <~ at my aunties house, the ones I took home with me have been in the freezer. I took one of the bags out to thaw a few days ago and yesterday I dried some.


The most hands on you get is pitting the cherries. I started with a knife but quickly moved to just tearing them with my hands. I only used a SMALL portion of the thawed bag. I also have just the one baking sheet this shape so I have to work with small batches. Just never crosses my mind while I’m at the store.

I put the oven at the lowest temp 200* and set my timer for 8 hours. Judging them by how they looked (rude!) I pulled them out with 40 mins still on the timer. I didn’t want to burn them and they looked right.


After letting them cool I moved them to an air tight glass jar.


They are great! Super sour because they are sour cherries :p

8 hours does seem like an outrageous amount of time to spend making tiny things. I wasn’t at the oven for that long though I made dinner on the stove while they were in the oven and didn’t think about them much. I do kind of feel a bit discouraged with the yield. It would probably be more worthwhile if I had a convection plus multiple baking sheets going at once. I am going to use these dried ones in baking but I’m still not sure what I’ll do with the rest of the bag. I almost think they could have been taken out even a bit earlier. Maybe when it gets really cold I’ll do some more of the cherries.



I used 2 apples, I did not peel but I cored them.


I sliced into thin circles. I tried to make them about the same size but it varied slightly.


Tossed in cinnamon and spaced on the baking sheet. I baked for 2 hours at 225*, flipping half way. Next time I would exclude the apple “ends” that you can see above. Some of the thinner ones turned crispy chip like and a few of the thicker ones less cripsy.


They shriveled up a lot…and I also ate a few before I remembered to take a pic…

They are tasty! Again, not a huge haul but was mostly hands off.


I ended up with one sandwich bag full. Yummy snack and good to know you can use your oven to make them. I’m guessing you can also do this to most fruits.


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