First day!

Okay so today was my first day at the new University. It went pretty well! I walked to and from today because it was nice out and I don’t have very long until the weather says NOPE. It’s about 5 km round trip, so a nice walk. On my first day I only had 2 classes, both profs seem really nice. Tomorrow I have the other two, I’ve heard mixed reviews about one of the profs. Apparently over 500 people applied for the 40/50 spot program! 

back2school    <~ off I gooooo

My classes this semester are

  • Business Law
  • Legal Word Processing
  • Corporate Procedures
  • Legal Research

I will usually have 5 classes a semester but English (my 5th) was credited for a previous English course I’ve taken. I have at least one class 5 days a week mon-fri. The BL class is basically going to be a review from my previous law courses taken in the Criminology program. That is okay with me. We have such a variety of people in that class it’s crazy. Today we introduced ourselves and there were people from Egypt, China, Russia, Spain, India and different parts of Canada. Some are international students only here to study and some moved to Canada within the recent past.

My Word class (typing/legal documents) is surprisingly intense! We get 3 folders and 2 notes books given to us that are required every class as well as the text we have to get which weighs like 15 pounds and costs $180!!!!. That’s one of the worst things, the prices of textbooks. Usually I buy all my books used but this year is the first year they have switched to Word 2013, so the last year 2010 textbook is not accepted. Some say it’s not even necessary to buy it but the prof really stressed it’s importance. It’s really frustrating when they do that and you only open it once…Well hopefully some people will be looking to buy it next year….Apparently they keep teaching the older editions based on the businesses around Edmonton. Most law offices only recently switched to Word 2013 so that is why last year they were still using ’10.

Anyways I’m really looking forward to this new chapter. I have been feeling a little socially isolated lately with Rob in camp and not really having friends. I actually met a girl today who is in the same program as me, also recently moved to Edmonton, lives by herself, and knows no one! We were both very excited to be starting something. It’s also kind of shocking to me but this year will be my fourth year of post secondary…. wow. I took one year of general studies at UVIC, 2 years at NIC for the crim diploma, and now starting at GMAC! I for sure feel like this is my last 2 years for at least a long time, if not ever.

Other than it being a new school, this school year feels different for other reasons too! Rob and I have our own little place, living out of town and province from my family, and having a plan! I appreciate my parents and family for all the things I’ve depended on them for during the last few years. A home and food most importantly lol. It feels exciting to be out of the house, out of the province doing our own thing. Although Rob has lots experience of being on his own, it’s relatively new for me. As far as the plan, it’s always tentative but what I mean is that Legal Assistant is not only a program, it’s a job title! At the end of the Crim diploma I was like hmmm okay, I loved learning about that but there’s no way in hell I want to work in corrections, policing, or strictly research so the full degree wasn’t something I wanted to pursue, and I can’t “be a crim”. I didn’t know exactly what kind of job I could apply for, or start a career in, and I felt a little unsure of the next step. Once I figured that out and fast forward to now, it’s exciting to think that when I’m done I will be like I know what job I’m going to apply for!!!

It’s great because throughout the program we will be learning about each type of law and legal assistant duties. So when it’s all done, I will technically be qualified to work as a legal assistant in a variety of environments like

  • Real estate
  • Criminal law office
  • Civil law office
  • Court
  • Wills and Estates

Another thing I’m excited about in this program that was lacking in the crim is a 5 week practicum in the last semester. So you basically get to choose which area of law you liked best and influence where you’ll get practical experience. I’m keeping an open mind but as of right now I’m assuming I’ll choose the criminal law or court because I feel those will best pair with my existing creds.I’ve always loved school and it’s kind of what I’ve excelled at, more so than sports or other activities #nerd.

I’m definitely going to continue cooking and experimenting with foods and eating delicious things, and I will do my best to keep up on the blog! So even if you’re not feeling as excited or positive as I am about it I hope everyone who’s starting school, or starting something new has a great first day!


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