Sometimes I like to reflect on things like this. It is all very weird to think about how one small event can change your life. I relate to this on how Rob and I met, probably the shittiest job of either of our lives but it has lead to a feeling of completeness and so much happiness! Timing is so strange. Of course my blog is mainly about healthy foods that I have prepared but there is always so much more going on behind the scenes. With our weird schedule, and being a full time student, I often get behind on posts for weeks at a time. Not like it’s my job anyway ha, but here are some things we have gotten up to over the last month!
  We DO still get out and enjoy ourselves. We have said we are going to try a brand new restaurant every month but sometimes we can’t help but go back to the Keg…it’s definitely our favorite date spot.   We also DO still make choices that aren’t our ideal everyday choices but that’s ok. We made some delicious sangria with fruit and wine and lots of other alcohol lol. We don’t drink nearly as much as we used to but this was really really good. We used some of the homemade blackberry wine I have, tequila, vodka, triple sec, and gingerale, frozen berries, lemons and limes. Pop is a pretty rare thing for us but like I said we try not to dwell on less than perfect choices that we make once n a while.

We have also been exploring and getting out on the bikes. Not a lot but we try to go on an adventure at least once while Rob’s home. It’s SO much fun!! We have found a pretty nice area that we always go to for walks or bike rides. The fresh air is great but the best part is just finding some form of exercise we can enjoy doing together that doesn’t suck.   Rob is ALSO an amazing cook! Which is soooo great because he steps up all the time and makes food for me. These 2 dishes (above and below) are both examples of delicious healthy food he has had ready for me when I walk in the door from school. I am usually so hungry when I get home from school and I so appreciate this! Above he made salmon cakes over salad with fresh salsa and homemade garlic aioli…umm yum!! And below is taco salad also with fresh salsa. 
The majority of days I am in school which I am loving. I’ve been walking to and from everyday which takes me about 30 minutes each way. It’s getting colder in the mornings for sure but I’ve been catching some amazing sun rises that I look forward to. I’m not sure how it will be as it gets freezing out but I am going to find out soon!

I am also proud of us for being responsible and both getting everything done to finally and officially have our vehicles approved in Alberta. It is not easy or cheap but it was the right thing to do! I guess that’s all part of growing up, spending LOTS of money on responsibilities because consequences are real now ahha. Anyways it was something we’ve been working on for quite a while and is officially complete 🙂 Time to make a new goal.


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