Apple sauce 

So this is older content that I never got around to posting until now. You may remember that I befriended the older lady across the alley who had way too many apples to deal with. When I picked a bunch I made sauce!   The hardest part of this recipe is taking the time to peel, core, de seed and chop ALL the apples. It did take quite a while but that’s literally all you have to do. I just filled a huge stock pot with chopped apples, added cinnamon, and water. I didn’t add anything else, no sugar or honey or any sweetener. I wanted to see how the apples tasted by themselves and I’m glad I did. They were perfectly sweet and delicious. The pot stayed on the stove for a few hours but nothing crazy, I only had to attend to it once n a while to stir and taste. It broke down very well and I did not blend it, I left a few pieces so it wasn’t puree texture.
 I got quite a yield from this which was great! I froze the small container and still have it in my freezer. I also brought the apple lady some too, she was very happy 🙂 It’s great on it’s own as a snack, but I’ve also seen a lot of recipes that use apple sauce instead of sugar or other things. It’s great on pork chops if you eat those too.


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