Chicken Nuggets (+ other finger food)

I apologize for the photos of raw chicken…I know it’s not appealing but its just part of the process.

A very important first step in this recipe is to make a brine of salt and water and allow the bite sized pieces of chicken to sit in it (in the fridge) for at least 30 minutes, up to an hour. I’m not 100% how but this process works but it creates maximum juiciness. Once the brine process is done melt ghee or fat of choice in large pan. Blot chicken dry with paper towel and coat in bowl of arrowroot or tapioca powder.


I don’t love touching raw meat by any means but I’ve learned it’s part of the deal when you want to eat it especially when you’re cooking for yourself. I also take some comfort in knowing we choose our meats carefully.
 Cook the chicken until crispy, making sure all sides are cooked. It can get kind of messy but it’s well worth the clean up. We had to cook the chicken in more than one batch to avoid over crowding so we set the oven very low to 200 and placed the already cooked chicken on a plate with paper towel and set in the oven to keep warm, adding the next batch until all was cooked.

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m obsessed with dipping. When I make finger food I make as many possible dipping options. Above you will see my moms homemade HP sauce, primal mayo (a brand) + hot sauce, a garlic aioli that rob made from scratch. While I was making these I also had some wings and yam fries in the oven. The yam fries are simply cut into fry shape, placed on a pan and sprinkled with cinnamon, and the wings are baked with a simple dry rub on them (garlic/onion powder, parsley, salt pepper).
  For me, there is something so satisfying about eating with my hands! I love finger food and it makes me feel like I’m eating take out or something and for some strange reason I enjoy that. Might not be considered a health meal but considering our selection of whole breast meat, and cooked in healthy fats, these are definitely better than pink slime nugs 😉 At home date night, dinner and a movie!!


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