Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we do give in to our cravings and hit up dairy queen or something but for the majority of times we want a treat we will find something else. I experimented and came up with a PRETTY DAM GOOD alternative. 

In my food processor I added quite a few frozen bananas probably 3-4. I added a tablespoon of cacao powder to make it chocolaty, some shredded coconut. Blended up until it was the texture of ice cream. This can take some patience but I swear if you’re persistent the texture will arrive! Once the texture was perfect I transferred it into 2 mugs. Then in the food processor I pulsed pecans and my already made SUN BUTTER CUPS (Georgia mud fudge anyone?) This nutty chocolaty combo is sooooo perfect for squashing the dq craving. You could also make this more of a fruity thing by changing what you add, the frozen banana base is what gives it the ice cream feel anyway so go from there. Endless possibilities !!! NO regrets after this one!


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