Soup and Sandwhich

Wow this dinner REALLY took me back to my childhood. I remember the power would go out pretty often because we lived in such a forested area, and we would then cook dinner on the woodstove. Back then we were having Mr. Noodles and grilled cheese both which we could make on the hot stove in the dark. Not to mention weekend lunches and other times when the lights were on. I wanted to make my own alternative recipe for the same comfort meal.

What I did was I used the recipe for Cauliflower Crust but instead of making a pizza crust, I cooked 4 small separate squares of crust.

  For the inside I was feeling BLT+ so I used bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and pickles!
    Wow what a beautiful sandwich I wish I had it again RIGHT NOW!
  For the soup : A few days earlier I had made a whole chicken in the crock pot and afterwards I made bone stock. With this bone stock I made soup. I sliced a carrot very thinly so it could cook in the hot broth, then I also spiraled half a zucchini to add in as noodles. I only had to let these soften in the hot broth so it was very easy.

DIPPING! Yum. This dish was SO worth making, it was so cozy and warm and tasty. It is a bit difficult to make spontaneously because the stock had been made in advance. You could buy chicken broth or use something you already have if you aren’t going to be making stock or broth anytime soon.

Fun fact: I just learned that broth is actually liquid made from meat and that stock is liquid made from bones. So when someone says bone broth it’s actually an oxymoron (a phrase that has meaning but the words contradict each other) which I have done COUNTLESS times.


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