Back at it👌

So as everyone knows the holidays are extremely busy and difficult to stay on track. Stay on track I did not….I decided not to in advance. As backwards as that sounds or as lazy of a solution as it is, it is what I chose. It’s nice to not worry about all the little choices (or big choices) and although a tiny part of me regrets just how casual I allowed myself to be there’s no going back. To be honest it sort of feels like I started my caring holiday in November. I definitely feel a slight loss of progress from that and my 18 day stay at home. Don’t get me wrong my family eats well and makes homemade food but it was the extras. I snacked a lot, ate a lot of cheese, and drank a lot of booze. SO now I’m back to caring, avoiding certain foods, and generally not drinking. This is about my first day back!


My fridge was bare when I came home so I grabbed some pho for dinner last night, and got eggs so that I could start today the way I wanted to! School starts back up tomorrow. Part of me is slightly dreading it and the other is excited because I want to be out of the house. I have 5 classes this semester one of which has a lab with a different teacher so I’m saying 6…which is a lot. I got organized for that by drawing up a little schedule, buying a couple new notebooks, and I walked to the school to sell an old text.

Then very importantly I made a meal plan, a grocery list, and went shopping!!  My groceries were so green today I was very pleased. Our butcher meat in the freezer is really low and I didn’t feel like driving to get more today so I opted for a week high in veg dinners.

I did some snack prep because I wanted to have something to bring with me during the week. Last semester I was home every day for lunch but this one is different so I’ll be at school during that time. We will see how that goes! Big dinners for 1 = leftovers for lunch.
  I just cleared out my nut supply with this batch and didn’t have to get anything for them. In food processor I used pecans, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, coconut, ground coffee, a bunch of dates, tbsp of soft coconut oil. Rolled em up and stuck em in the freezer for chewiness.

My dear friend Kim and her guy have been juicing daily and have inspired me to get back on that train. (They’ve also been reading the blog, thanks guys!) What a good train to get on. Kim and I first started juicing a couple years ago when we were roommates but we approached it with the mindset that you had to replace meals with juice, we have both learned a lot when it comes to making food and something we agree on is for us it feels much better to have a juice in addition to a meal or in between rather than instead of. It shouldn’t be torture!

So I made my first juice in a while today. Beet tops, kale, carrots, 1 orange + pulp, ginger.
 It turned out rather brown but that’s okay it was delicious. I really like ginger in mine.

Then for dinner I pulled 2 portions I had previously frozen of chicken stock and the I zoodled a zucchini. Super simple. The stock was frozen but I just warmed it up over the stove and it came back to life. Once it was hot I added the zoodles, you can add them to the warm stock just before serving and this prevents them from being over cooked and soggy.

I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine and back into the blog. It’s been so long since I posted anything substantial but that’s just how it goes. I didn’t make a New Years resolution because I don’t like making promises I can’t keep. Kidding, but in all seriousness I feel like I’ve already gotten closer to so many goals that if I just keep going the direction I’m headed that I will get there eventually. I want to make changes in my life regarding healthy eating and career etc because I want them and am ready to obtain them not because I feel obligated to.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and is feeling ready to get back at it 😉


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