Hand Sanitizer 

Do you ever look around at work or school and notice that the people on either side of you are hacking and sniffling and it strikes you that you don’t want to catch whatever it is they have!?! Yes, well this is the case for me right now. I have a good collection of essential oils going now so I want to use them for practical things. Below is a few that have antibacterial properties. I got this idea because I wanted to clean my hands during class and wanted to avoid the harshness of store bought sanitizer so I googled essential oil hand sanitizer.

I added 10 drops of lavender

and 5 drops of every other oil pictured above. You can use any combo you like and there are others with antibiotic properties.

Swirl together the oils. Add 1 tbsp vodka, swirl.

add 1/4 tsp of vitamin e oil, swirl. This makes the sanitizer moisturizing, not drying.

8 ounces of aloe. I used aloe juice based on a recommendation from the guy at the store. He said the inside of the plant naturally turns into a juice and that the gel is that with added thickener. Also because I got spray bottles and wanted to make sure it would spray out!

I realized after that I should have mixed directly into the spray bottle. I recommend labeling all your bottles because it is easy to forget what is in each.

TIP!* Pure aloe is actually perishable. This means that you’ll have to store the remaining of the large container of it in the fridge. It also means that eventually your hand sanitizer could be “past it’s prime.” The vitamin e oil and the vodka act as preservatives and should allow you to take it to work or school with no refrigeration, should last a few months. I plan to keep mine in my back pack and spray my hands after we work on the computers. It is not meant to replace hand washing but it is extra help or for when you simply cannot wash your hands.

Suggested Uses

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sanitizer for your electronics (keyboards, phone screens…you know the ones we are attached to and put our faces on…)
  • Yoga Mat Spray – deodorizes and antibacterial
  • Air Spritz – if you’re trying to get a clean fresh feel to your place
  • Bathroom counter spray – wipes away soap marks
  •  Kitchen sink spray
  • Door handle spray
  • Frequently touched services – fridge door handle in my house :p

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