Oil treatment for dry and/or itchy scalp

So AB is super dry not to mention beyond any amount of static electricity I’ve ever encountered…My hair has been suffering. It literally flies out in all directions and zaps me when I try to control it. Dryness also leads to itchy skin unfortunately so I made this hair mask to try and tame it!

All I used are these simple ingredients. A base oil to moisturize and carry, and essential oils to treat! I chose Jojoba because I’ve had it for a long time and never really known what to do with it and I read that I can be good for dry hair. I chose these three oils because 1. Peppermint is stimulating and may help to increase circulation to the area. It’s also cooling which I love the feeling of and smells ahhhhmazing. 2. Melaleuca (Tee Tree) is said to treat dandruff and itchiness. 3. Lavender is soothing and calming so naturally good choice for itchy or irritated skin.

2 tbsp of base oil and 5 drops of each essential oil. Swirl and apply. It’s pretty greasy so I wouldn’t do this while wearing your favorite shirt.

Throw on some sweats, grease up your hair, toss it in a bun, put on some gangster rap and handle that shit.

I left this concoction in my hair for 3+ hours while I did stuff around the house, made dinner, homework etc. Then I shampooed twice.

Next day….

Not greasy but just look at that shine ✨

Better yet my scalp was not itchy today and my hair although still had some static, less and super soft 🙂


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