Chicken salad

Earlier in the week I had made some chicken thighs. I knew I wanted to make this for the leftovers….yum.

I started by making mayo:
1 large egg yolk
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp water
1 tsp dijon mustard
up to 1 cup oil.

It is recommended to use macadamia nut oil but I’m cheap so I used olive. the quality of oil does seem to make a difference in the overall taste. I don’t love the olive oil in sauces like this because it’s kind of over powering but it does the trick when needed.

With an immersion blender blend everything except the oil. With the head of the immersion blender still at the bottom of your jar add the oil on top. Pulse and tilt the head to mix evenly. In the past I’ve always slowly poured the oil in as I constantly blended because I thought the emulsion would break if I didn’t, so I was hesitant but after trying it this way it was almost an instant emulsion and it was thick!

Who would have thought you could make mayo…in 5 mins….

  I then took the cold* left over chicken and cut into chunks. I didn’t have celery or cucumber to make it crunchy so I added a chopped apple. This would be great in a wrap or pita or lettuce wrap if you prefer. You don’t need the whole batch of mayo for this….

It is important the chicken is cold when you add the mayo or it may separate and become greasy.


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