Wow hard to believe it’s already April am I right?!?

Last day of classes has already came and gone. I still have finals though, 5 in total. I have 3 this week – Wednesday is Real Estate, Thursday is accounting, and Friday is Civil Litigation…all my 3 core, difficult classes so that will be nice to get done. I am not worried though because I’ve been to all my classes and I’m doing just fine. The week after I have 2 more but they are my low key classes so not going to give that any thought until at least the weekend.

So yes, before today I hadn’t posted on the blog in over a month. Things were extremely busy in March with school. I had a bunch of drafts built up which I finally got around to writing today! yay. Recently I think 4 separate people have gifted me cookbooks. Some just said they saw it and thought of me or had it around and thought I would like it. That makes me happy. I’ve had my fair share of treats lately between Easter, my birthday, my sister’s visit…so it’s nice to feel excited about cooking again!

So something cool I’ve discovered recently is a podcast called Serial. It’s not about a serial killer but it is about a true crime story. This kid Adnan Syed gets convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, when he’s 17 years old. One of his family friends brings the case to the attention of a reporter in the area named Sarah who becomes fascinated about the case. She goes over every document and people of interest and is trying to figure out exactly what happened back in ’99. There is so little evidence other than one person’s hear say story and a few suspicious phone calls, but nothing you would consider BEYOND any doubt of murder. At the time of the podcast Adnan has been in jail for 15 years…FIFTEEN years. Imagine if he really didn’t do it and he’s spent almost half of his entire life in jail. Sad to think of the number of people wrongfully convicted. I have not decided what side I am on yet and the story isn’t quite over.

I myself have become somewhat fascinated by this story. I’m on the last episode and I don’t want it to end. They are about 40 min- 1 hour each. What I love about them is Sarah is so well spoken that she’s easy to follow and she explains things so well. It’s also really amazing because she fits in clips of the trial, interviews, phone calls and everything you would want or need to hear to form an opinion. It sounds creepy but it’s kind of great to just put it on and go for a nice hour long walk while I soak up all the details of the case. It’s literally like a spoken documentary. If anyone is interested I will put the link in this post. It is definitely something you must listen to in order starting with episode 1 – the alibi.

Obviously not everyone is interested in true crime for entertainment but I sure am. Guess that’s why I took criminology and legal diplomas. It does make me optimistic about loving my future career. Anyway if anyone does want to check it out I highly recommend it.





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