For me, it also means happiness..haha so corny. I feel like when I do things my own way or alternatively it makes me happy and creates peace of mind. This week was a good one. I got out and took part in a few events that were pretty neat. First off on Tuesday I went to an essential oil workshop. I figured I might as well go if I already have the collection, it was a free class, and it was only 5 minutes from my house. Even though I’ve been here for a year now I still feel new sometimes and am mostly a home body. In the end I was glad I went because I learned some stuff and I also met a friend who I think I will be meeting up for a walk/tea/coffee with.

So the company that I get essential oils from advocates and even recommends taking the oils internally or ingesting them for example putting some in your water or under the tongue…but on the other hand I’ve been reading a lot about why that isn’t a good idea. As anything with health movements there are strong supporters for each side. I’m kind of stuck on that one as I have had it in my water before but never on a regular basis and I’m not so sure it is a good idea actually but don’t know how to know for sure. I mostly use my oils as you’ve seen in previous posts under the COSMETICS tab, for things like cleaners, hair products, scenting deodorant,  and I diffuse them a lot too, including lots of unlisted uses. But anyways I just want to hear from anyone if they have input on this subject. How do you feel about the recommendation to ingest essential oils, do you partake, why or why not? Thanks!!

SO anyways take some chances, go do something new even if it’s by yourself and take part in things that interest you 🙂


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