So as you know I’ve recently been posting recipes. I wanted to separate my project from Facebook because I feel like it deserves it’s own space. I didn’t want to get too personal on fb but I also felt like explaining myself a bit further. Also people who aren’t interested, won’t have to be bombarded by relentless posts. Food, obviously is something we all need to survive, I’ve had a lot of trouble viewing food as fuel rather than something that tastes good and something “to do”. This is about me making the switch. I’ve chosen to replace the word “obsessed” with passionate. I’ve always seen myself as someone obsessed with food, to the point that it negatively affected me to some degree. I have memories of choosing to stay home instead of going out with my mom to do something I actually wanted to do, because I knew if I stayed home I would have free range on the cupboards. This led to some pretty unhealthy habits and before I knew it I was a very chunky kid. So chunky in fact that the kids in my life were incredibly harsh and the adults in my life were concerned. I remember being teased to no end in elementary school, I also remember being sat down by family and basically had a food intervention. This was all so alarming to me and I had no knowledge of food or nutrition or any desire to exercise, but I knew nobody was happy with how I looked and this made me unbelievably self conscious for years. The worst point for me was when I was approximately 12 ish, while my parents were out of town I spent the weekend with an adult who spent the entire weekend expressing their wish for me to go on a diet, even continuing this in front of their whole group of friends who then joined in. Mortified, I knew something was wrong and had no idea how to fix it. This basically sent me into a spiral in the complete opposite direction. I blamed all food for making me overweight and making the people in my life unhappy with me. End of middle, beginning of high school I went from sneaking food and eating as much as possible to hating it and avoiding it at all costs. I even went to the extreme of becoming a vegetarian even though my favorite food was ribs (haha). It made me so unhappy to completely cut out my favorite foods but I had no idea how else to go about it. I became pale and skinny and now the adults in my life were once again concerned. DON’T get me wrong, I had an absolutely wonderful childhood and have an AMAZING life. I was always in sports and activities and my parents and sisters are great. We even went through a pretty big health revolution at home. I loved school and excelled in most subjects. I just felt like explaining why I feel so PassionEat was important if I’m going to be creating a blog. I’ve tried the gym but I just can’t seem to maintain interest over long periods of time. Food is something you can’t go without so I’m approaching it differently. Growing up both of my parents cooked, so it has always been something important to me, I just never had any knowledge about nutrition itself. The last few years have been kind of neutral for me in the kitchen, I lived at home and very much enjoyed my moms amazing cooking. All of my friends would love coming over for dinner because my mom would literally grow everything in the garden and bring it right into the kitchen and cook it. There wasn’t really a need for me to get in the kitchen myself, although at times I would make dinner for her, I wasn’t cooking everyday. Now I’m out on my own and cooking the right food is like a survival skill. I’m basically on a mission to cut out foods like dairy, sugar, grains, and soy without the sense that something is lacking. I’m some what following an eating style called paleo, where you basically eat how humans ate during the paleolithic era. Nothing was processed, nothing had chemical additives, no hormones or antibiotics were added into food. I’m not strict, I still like to enjoy food and experiment with ingredients so lets call it modified paleo. Basically mainly sticking to meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, and some other stuff. I’m not just doing this to find a healthy ideal weight, I want to prevent future disease because I’m afraid of waiting around to find out what I’ll be diagnosed with if I don’t. I want my partner Rob and I to be happy and healthy for as long as possible together and I want to be the person I know I’m capable of being. All of the information I am going to be posting about is from my own research not formal education and it’s not right for everyone, you have to find what works for you. I don’t want to just post pics and say look what I’m eating. I want to share recipes, tell funny stories, give how to’s, and explain what substitutes I’m using and why. I want to share the food that I now feel happy and passionate about. No more food guilt, no more crazy extremes. Just learning to eat for lifelong health and happiness. I hope you join me and enjoy the ride! Xoxo


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  1. I never knew you had such a struggle, thanks for sharing. It is something many of us can identify with. Cool that you are taking up writing and sharing your adventures — of life and wonderful nourishments for our bodies and soul.

    You have always been beautiful to me!

    Here is the address to my Learning Journey blog: http://seriouslysuzie2015.blogspot.ca


  2. I buy spices at Superstore in the imported section. You can get a fairly large bag for a fraction of the cost of those small bottles in the “spice” section. Not long ago I bought ground cardimon and whole cardimon for probably less than what you just spent.


  3. Katie – What a great blog! Such a variety. And you have done some very good research. I love some of your make-it-yourself ideas in your cosmetics section.


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