So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

If you’re reading this blog you likely have seen some earlier posts which go back to 2015. I first made the blog when I moved to Alberta and knew not one single person. School hadn’t started yet and I didn’t have a job and Rob worked away in camp.

I filled all my days by trying brand new recipes and eating extremely strict and disciplined. Cutting out all sugar, dairy, grains, processed foods. It was easy at the time because I didn’t have any other commitments. I didn’t even have to leave the house if I didn’t want to.

After some time I obviously felt fantastic, shed some extra weight, skin was glowing, hair was long and healthy, just felt good. I even had Rob on board and we spent hours in the kitchen crafting up fun and new recipes every days off. We both were feeling and looking our best.

Slowly, as I started school, met a couple friends I started to have more of a social life and since I had been pretty lonely when Rob was at work I told myself you know eating this way is amazing but if it means turning down a social opportunity that I’m clearly lacking then I don’t think it’s worth being that strict about it. So I would make some exceptions here and there.

I think we can all relate in some way or another when over time a few exceptions here and there become more and more frequent. As I eventually made more than just 1-2 friends, I started to have more and more social events – dinner out, drinks with girlfriends, birthdays, celebrating end of exams etc. Well fast forward one year in 2016 I was fairly medium on the scale of discipline. Wasn’t eating nearly as clean as 2015 but still considered myself a really avid cook and healthy eater. I would come home from school and Rob had made dinner and even a separate dish for my lunches all with healthy ingredients (which he still does). When we had drinks we would try to stick to craft beers and vodka sodas. Anyways somewhere along the way I (we) kind of fell away from this lifestyle and all of a sudden I’m in the end of 2017 looking back through 2 years of blog posts and almost over come with a heavy sadness that I didn’t stick to all the changes I had made.

Sugar, dairy, grains, and sometimes just straight up junk had crept it’s way back into my life. I don’t even know when or how. I see some photos from 2 years ago at my peak and I am like wow my skin is so clear, my jaw line is defined and those pants fit! Reflecting on the current moment my skin is not clear, my face is soft, and those pants do not fit!!! It’s really hard to see a picture where you know you look and feel better than you currently do and not be extremely hard on yourself and feel guilty for that. I guess I know that keeping that strict of guidelines for myself actually wasn’t realistic for longevity and I know that I was so glad to create a social circle and have interaction with people and I do not regret that part of it. I also know feeling bad, guilty, hard on myself etc won’t change anything but if I’m being honest that’s how I do feel at times. I can’t help but think “imagine what state I would be in right now if I had continued that for 2 years straight”. I mean when I was eating that clean I wasn’t really exercising in the gym although I was walking about an hour a day on weekdays. Now I find myself going to the gym on weekdays before work. IMAGINE I had combined the strict clean eating with the gym. I bet it would have been amazing.

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite too because if someone brings up a nutrition topic or something about a food, I want to share all the information I gained when doing all my research because truly I’m still very passionate about cooking and healthy food, but then I’m like “you don’t even practice what you’re saying”.

I also realized that at some point a lot of my clean products like shampoo and stuff got a bit lost in the mix. I am definitely wanting to make it back to really clean products and switch my makeup to clean brands.

Obviously when I started this blog I was suffering from extreme boredom and a fierce motivation fill my time and to change my life. I was looking through my archived posts the other day and saw the frequency go from daily, weekly to a gap of 6+ months without posts. I guess in a positive way, I am busier now than ever which means the whole reason the blog was created has been fulfilled. I’m working full time in a career that I went to school for and actually love. I have friends from school and co-workers now that I spend time with after work and weekends, Rob and I are happier than ever and feeling very secure and excited for our future.

Honestly, I’m not really sure the point of this ramble. I think it’s just that I’ve noticed a big slip in dedication to clean eating, that I’m ready to acknowledge and face again. Maybe not quite as clean as 2015 because I do still want to accept invites out and be a part of things. Maybe I don’t want to be blogging daily again as I don’t have the time for that, but maybe I want to re commit to posting more regularly. And maybe I want to motivate Rob and myself to shape up for our wedding so we can look back and be happy with what we see. To be fair I do still make 90% of all my meals at home and still prep my lunches for the week on Sundays. I think it’s just all the extras in between these times that I’ve allowed back in.

Overall things are really good. My career is going well, I love what I do and it’s always interesting and rewarding, although stressful at times. Rob and I are both working hard and now that I’m working full time I can actually contribute equally to the household which is a really good feeling. I also for once have something to provide to us that neither of us had before – medical and dental benefits. I’m proud of that! For as much as he’s supported me through university and taken care of things when I wasn’t making any money, it’s so satisfying to have completed that and now I can offer something in return, not that he would even ask. We’ve almost been engaged for a full year now and can officially start planning in January (eeek). We are also looking to purchase our first home in the spring.

I’m still home sick at times and miss my family. Especially now that I have a little niece who is cuter than ever and I want to see every day. Thankfully I do have a job that allows me to take some time off every year and I do get some long weekends that I will be able to take advantage of and go home. It is nice to not be spending all of my money on tuition and spare time on assignments. I can actually save for visits and have the time to do so. I am aiming to visit 4 times a year or so going forward. Much more often than the 1-2 times a year over last couple years in school.

So really I have no reason to look back and feel bummed about lost progress or how things could be right now when things are actually really good. I definitely do have a renewed desire to get my shit together again nutrition wise.

I have a friend visiting next weekend so you know I’m going to go out for dinner and have drinks. We are going to have a really great weekend enjoying city food and having fun. December is also hard but I swear January – Whole30 reset and really time to shred for the wed.

I honestly have no idea if these rants even get read but it feels good to acknowledge some faults and re commit to working on them. So going forward I’m going to try and be realistic and reasonable yet more consistent and disciplined. I don’t have to be HARDCORE for 1 year and then slide, I want to be pretty healthy and consistent long-term.




Wow it’s been a few months since I’ve posted on the blog. You know that’s just how it goes though, it’s not a job but a hobby so sometimes planning it out and being creative is just too much when you’re busy. It’s funny because I originally created the blog out of boredom when I first moved and had no job, school hadn’t started yet, knew not a single person and was going stir crazy. Now I’m really busy and it’s been a while since I’ve had time to make any updates (which is good!). 

Today I am reflecting and Missin the place I call home. Sometimes it’s hard to be torn between two places you have a home. Miss my 2 sisters, my mom and my dad, my family, every one of my lifelong friends, the ocean, and Rob who’s in camp for 20 days each month. On the other hand after over a year I’m actually starting to feel at home somewhere else. Had an amazing work experience this summer that has affirmed moving so far and makes it worth while to feel like you’ve accomplish something that just isn’t possible in a small place. Things are just taking off here and yet things are changing at home too! With a niece or a nephew arriving at the end of this year I know that will just be one more little love to miss but feeling confident in making these big city dreams come true. 💕✨🏙

Now I have a few days off during which I may or may not share some new recipes. Will definitely sleep in, probably paint, organize a ton of my sh*t, and get ready for school! I love going back to school and I have since kindergarten. A scary realization is that this won’t be happening next year. But I would like to think at this time next year I’ll be working and enjoying the new pace of life.  

Anyways thinking of all of you. Keep in touch. Xo



Okay so I went to a how to make kombucha class and it was really neat! I have been interested in a probiotic and had tried the store bought stuff but it gets really pricey at up to $5 a bottle. The class was $15 and you went home with a scoby. I learned that scoby means Symbiotic Collection of Bacteria and Yeast. They look horrifying and disgusting but I am very excited to see what it can do.


That is the one I took home. My new baby. It was quite hilarious how they were talking about it at the class, because much like cellular division this thing will get thicker until it actually divides into 2. And just like that it is “mother” and when the bottle gets too gassy you sometimes have to “burp” it which is just quickly letting the air out and then closing it again. You also have to feed it, by adding sugar to the brew. So basically it’s a small freaky being that I have to care for in order for it to care for me 🙂 haha…. ew weird.

Anyway how it works is you get a large glass gallon sized jar, I found one easily at Canadian Tire in the jar/canning section. The night before you start you fill it half way with boiling water to sanitize the jar and clean the water. Let it cool over night. The next day on the stove you make a very sweet strong tea mix by adding 4-8 teabags to hot water and 1 cup of sugar. You can simmer this for a while and then let it cool. Once it is cool add it to the now cold water that cooled over night. (of course remove the tea bags/strain loose leaf). The whole jar should be cool, and this is when you can add your scoby. It will die if you add it to hot water so be careful not too. You cover the opening of the jar with something like cheese cloth, cover the whole jar with a large kitchen cloth and let it do it’s thing. The first time may take a bit longer as the scoby is quite small. But otherwise it takes around 5-7 days in the summer and 6-10 in the winter, depending on where you live and the temperature of your house.

It’s neat because you can make any flavor your little heart desires really. You can use a black tea base and then after the 5-7 days remove the scoby (always leave it in some liquid) and divide the brew into smaller drinking jars, and you can add fruit to flavor, and ferment for a further 3 days before putting it into the fridge. You can also use different kinds of teas to flavor the base.


Here is my first gallon attempt. We will see what happens and I will update. I chose to use peach-ginger tea bags, and then after a week or so I am going to divvy it up and add chunks of real ginger and peaches to each glass. Double flavor? Excited to try.


For me, it also means happiness..haha so corny. I feel like when I do things my own way or alternatively it makes me happy and creates peace of mind. This week was a good one. I got out and took part in a few events that were pretty neat. First off on Tuesday I went to an essential oil workshop. I figured I might as well go if I already have the collection, it was a free class, and it was only 5 minutes from my house. Even though I’ve been here for a year now I still feel new sometimes and am mostly a home body. In the end I was glad I went because I learned some stuff and I also met a friend who I think I will be meeting up for a walk/tea/coffee with.

So the company that I get essential oils from advocates and even recommends taking the oils internally or ingesting them for example putting some in your water or under the tongue…but on the other hand I’ve been reading a lot about why that isn’t a good idea. As anything with health movements there are strong supporters for each side. I’m kind of stuck on that one as I have had it in my water before but never on a regular basis and I’m not so sure it is a good idea actually but don’t know how to know for sure. I mostly use my oils as you’ve seen in previous posts under the COSMETICS tab, for things like cleaners, hair products, scenting deodorant,  and I diffuse them a lot too, including lots of unlisted uses. But anyways I just want to hear from anyone if they have input on this subject. How do you feel about the recommendation to ingest essential oils, do you partake, why or why not? Thanks!!

SO anyways take some chances, go do something new even if it’s by yourself and take part in things that interest you 🙂


Wow hard to believe it’s already April am I right?!?

Last day of classes has already came and gone. I still have finals though, 5 in total. I have 3 this week – Wednesday is Real Estate, Thursday is accounting, and Friday is Civil Litigation…all my 3 core, difficult classes so that will be nice to get done. I am not worried though because I’ve been to all my classes and I’m doing just fine. The week after I have 2 more but they are my low key classes so not going to give that any thought until at least the weekend.

So yes, before today I hadn’t posted on the blog in over a month. Things were extremely busy in March with school. I had a bunch of drafts built up which I finally got around to writing today! yay. Recently I think 4 separate people have gifted me cookbooks. Some just said they saw it and thought of me or had it around and thought I would like it. That makes me happy. I’ve had my fair share of treats lately between Easter, my birthday, my sister’s visit…so it’s nice to feel excited about cooking again!

So something cool I’ve discovered recently is a podcast called Serial. It’s not about a serial killer but it is about a true crime story. This kid Adnan Syed gets convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, when he’s 17 years old. One of his family friends brings the case to the attention of a reporter in the area named Sarah who becomes fascinated about the case. She goes over every document and people of interest and is trying to figure out exactly what happened back in ’99. There is so little evidence other than one person’s hear say story and a few suspicious phone calls, but nothing you would consider BEYOND any doubt of murder. At the time of the podcast Adnan has been in jail for 15 years…FIFTEEN years. Imagine if he really didn’t do it and he’s spent almost half of his entire life in jail. Sad to think of the number of people wrongfully convicted. I have not decided what side I am on yet and the story isn’t quite over.

I myself have become somewhat fascinated by this story. I’m on the last episode and I don’t want it to end. They are about 40 min- 1 hour each. What I love about them is Sarah is so well spoken that she’s easy to follow and she explains things so well. It’s also really amazing because she fits in clips of the trial, interviews, phone calls and everything you would want or need to hear to form an opinion. It sounds creepy but it’s kind of great to just put it on and go for a nice hour long walk while I soak up all the details of the case. It’s literally like a spoken documentary. If anyone is interested I will put the link in this post. It is definitely something you must listen to in order starting with episode 1 – the alibi.

Obviously not everyone is interested in true crime for entertainment but I sure am. Guess that’s why I took criminology and legal diplomas. It does make me optimistic about loving my future career. Anyway if anyone does want to check it out I highly recommend it.



Back at it👌

So as everyone knows the holidays are extremely busy and difficult to stay on track. Stay on track I did not….I decided not to in advance. As backwards as that sounds or as lazy of a solution as it is, it is what I chose. It’s nice to not worry about all the little choices (or big choices) and although a tiny part of me regrets just how casual I allowed myself to be there’s no going back. To be honest it sort of feels like I started my caring holiday in November. I definitely feel a slight loss of progress from that and my 18 day stay at home. Don’t get me wrong my family eats well and makes homemade food but it was the extras. I snacked a lot, ate a lot of cheese, and drank a lot of booze. SO now I’m back to caring, avoiding certain foods, and generally not drinking. This is about my first day back!


My fridge was bare when I came home so I grabbed some pho for dinner last night, and got eggs so that I could start today the way I wanted to! School starts back up tomorrow. Part of me is slightly dreading it and the other is excited because I want to be out of the house. I have 5 classes this semester one of which has a lab with a different teacher so I’m saying 6…which is a lot. I got organized for that by drawing up a little schedule, buying a couple new notebooks, and I walked to the school to sell an old text.

Then very importantly I made a meal plan, a grocery list, and went shopping!!  My groceries were so green today I was very pleased. Our butcher meat in the freezer is really low and I didn’t feel like driving to get more today so I opted for a week high in veg dinners.

I did some snack prep because I wanted to have something to bring with me during the week. Last semester I was home every day for lunch but this one is different so I’ll be at school during that time. We will see how that goes! Big dinners for 1 = leftovers for lunch.
  I just cleared out my nut supply with this batch and didn’t have to get anything for them. In food processor I used pecans, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, coconut, ground coffee, a bunch of dates, tbsp of soft coconut oil. Rolled em up and stuck em in the freezer for chewiness.

My dear friend Kim and her guy have been juicing daily and have inspired me to get back on that train. (They’ve also been reading the blog, thanks guys!) What a good train to get on. Kim and I first started juicing a couple years ago when we were roommates but we approached it with the mindset that you had to replace meals with juice, we have both learned a lot when it comes to making food and something we agree on is for us it feels much better to have a juice in addition to a meal or in between rather than instead of. It shouldn’t be torture!

So I made my first juice in a while today. Beet tops, kale, carrots, 1 orange + pulp, ginger.
 It turned out rather brown but that’s okay it was delicious. I really like ginger in mine.

Then for dinner I pulled 2 portions I had previously frozen of chicken stock and the I zoodled a zucchini. Super simple. The stock was frozen but I just warmed it up over the stove and it came back to life. Once it was hot I added the zoodles, you can add them to the warm stock just before serving and this prevents them from being over cooked and soggy.

I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine and back into the blog. It’s been so long since I posted anything substantial but that’s just how it goes. I didn’t make a New Years resolution because I don’t like making promises I can’t keep. Kidding, but in all seriousness I feel like I’ve already gotten closer to so many goals that if I just keep going the direction I’m headed that I will get there eventually. I want to make changes in my life regarding healthy eating and career etc because I want them and am ready to obtain them not because I feel obligated to.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and is feeling ready to get back at it 😉


Sometimes I like to reflect on things like this. It is all very weird to think about how one small event can change your life. I relate to this on how Rob and I met, probably the shittiest job of either of our lives but it has lead to a feeling of completeness and so much happiness! Timing is so strange. Of course my blog is mainly about healthy foods that I have prepared but there is always so much more going on behind the scenes. With our weird schedule, and being a full time student, I often get behind on posts for weeks at a time. Not like it’s my job anyway ha, but here are some things we have gotten up to over the last month!
  We DO still get out and enjoy ourselves. We have said we are going to try a brand new restaurant every month but sometimes we can’t help but go back to the Keg…it’s definitely our favorite date spot.   We also DO still make choices that aren’t our ideal everyday choices but that’s ok. We made some delicious sangria with fruit and wine and lots of other alcohol lol. We don’t drink nearly as much as we used to but this was really really good. We used some of the homemade blackberry wine I have, tequila, vodka, triple sec, and gingerale, frozen berries, lemons and limes. Pop is a pretty rare thing for us but like I said we try not to dwell on less than perfect choices that we make once n a while.

We have also been exploring and getting out on the bikes. Not a lot but we try to go on an adventure at least once while Rob’s home. It’s SO much fun!! We have found a pretty nice area that we always go to for walks or bike rides. The fresh air is great but the best part is just finding some form of exercise we can enjoy doing together that doesn’t suck.   Rob is ALSO an amazing cook! Which is soooo great because he steps up all the time and makes food for me. These 2 dishes (above and below) are both examples of delicious healthy food he has had ready for me when I walk in the door from school. I am usually so hungry when I get home from school and I so appreciate this! Above he made salmon cakes over salad with fresh salsa and homemade garlic aioli…umm yum!! And below is taco salad also with fresh salsa. 
The majority of days I am in school which I am loving. I’ve been walking to and from everyday which takes me about 30 minutes each way. It’s getting colder in the mornings for sure but I’ve been catching some amazing sun rises that I look forward to. I’m not sure how it will be as it gets freezing out but I am going to find out soon!

I am also proud of us for being responsible and both getting everything done to finally and officially have our vehicles approved in Alberta. It is not easy or cheap but it was the right thing to do! I guess that’s all part of growing up, spending LOTS of money on responsibilities because consequences are real now ahha. Anyways it was something we’ve been working on for quite a while and is officially complete 🙂 Time to make a new goal.

First day!

Okay so today was my first day at the new University. It went pretty well! I walked to and from today because it was nice out and I don’t have very long until the weather says NOPE. It’s about 5 km round trip, so a nice walk. On my first day I only had 2 classes, both profs seem really nice. Tomorrow I have the other two, I’ve heard mixed reviews about one of the profs. Apparently over 500 people applied for the 40/50 spot program! 

back2school    <~ off I gooooo

My classes this semester are

  • Business Law
  • Legal Word Processing
  • Corporate Procedures
  • Legal Research

I will usually have 5 classes a semester but English (my 5th) was credited for a previous English course I’ve taken. I have at least one class 5 days a week mon-fri. The BL class is basically going to be a review from my previous law courses taken in the Criminology program. That is okay with me. We have such a variety of people in that class it’s crazy. Today we introduced ourselves and there were people from Egypt, China, Russia, Spain, India and different parts of Canada. Some are international students only here to study and some moved to Canada within the recent past.

My Word class (typing/legal documents) is surprisingly intense! We get 3 folders and 2 notes books given to us that are required every class as well as the text we have to get which weighs like 15 pounds and costs $180!!!!. That’s one of the worst things, the prices of textbooks. Usually I buy all my books used but this year is the first year they have switched to Word 2013, so the last year 2010 textbook is not accepted. Some say it’s not even necessary to buy it but the prof really stressed it’s importance. It’s really frustrating when they do that and you only open it once…Well hopefully some people will be looking to buy it next year….Apparently they keep teaching the older editions based on the businesses around Edmonton. Most law offices only recently switched to Word 2013 so that is why last year they were still using ’10.

Anyways I’m really looking forward to this new chapter. I have been feeling a little socially isolated lately with Rob in camp and not really having friends. I actually met a girl today who is in the same program as me, also recently moved to Edmonton, lives by herself, and knows no one! We were both very excited to be starting something. It’s also kind of shocking to me but this year will be my fourth year of post secondary…. wow. I took one year of general studies at UVIC, 2 years at NIC for the crim diploma, and now starting at GMAC! I for sure feel like this is my last 2 years for at least a long time, if not ever.

Other than it being a new school, this school year feels different for other reasons too! Rob and I have our own little place, living out of town and province from my family, and having a plan! I appreciate my parents and family for all the things I’ve depended on them for during the last few years. A home and food most importantly lol. It feels exciting to be out of the house, out of the province doing our own thing. Although Rob has lots experience of being on his own, it’s relatively new for me. As far as the plan, it’s always tentative but what I mean is that Legal Assistant is not only a program, it’s a job title! At the end of the Crim diploma I was like hmmm okay, I loved learning about that but there’s no way in hell I want to work in corrections, policing, or strictly research so the full degree wasn’t something I wanted to pursue, and I can’t “be a crim”. I didn’t know exactly what kind of job I could apply for, or start a career in, and I felt a little unsure of the next step. Once I figured that out and fast forward to now, it’s exciting to think that when I’m done I will be like I know what job I’m going to apply for!!!

It’s great because throughout the program we will be learning about each type of law and legal assistant duties. So when it’s all done, I will technically be qualified to work as a legal assistant in a variety of environments like

  • Real estate
  • Criminal law office
  • Civil law office
  • Court
  • Wills and Estates

Another thing I’m excited about in this program that was lacking in the crim is a 5 week practicum in the last semester. So you basically get to choose which area of law you liked best and influence where you’ll get practical experience. I’m keeping an open mind but as of right now I’m assuming I’ll choose the criminal law or court because I feel those will best pair with my existing creds.I’ve always loved school and it’s kind of what I’ve excelled at, more so than sports or other activities #nerd.

I’m definitely going to continue cooking and experimenting with foods and eating delicious things, and I will do my best to keep up on the blog! So even if you’re not feeling as excited or positive as I am about it I hope everyone who’s starting school, or starting something new has a great first day!

Meal Planning

I haven’t done much meal planning in the last few years. Aprx 3 years ago when Rob and I first lived in Edmonton, we had a deal where we would each choose 7 dinners from a cook book, make a list, shop, and cook for those 7 nights in a row. This worked well for us because it was organized and fair and always delicious. Our schedules are quite different now and that is impossible. I have mostly just “winged it” every night the last little while. Today I decided with school coming up and just generally needing to feel more organized, I can do the original plan just by myself :p

I got all the cookbooks I wanted to use out.


I also went into my freezer and took meat inventory. This way I can be sure to not leave anything for too long and choose recipes that go with them.


Quiteeeee a while ago I got this scheduler and never used it. Found it again and like that I can put the things I have on the list and fill in the days. Going through a few books I found 5 dinners I want to make this week, made a list, and hit the store.


Because I was shopping around the meat that I have, I only needed produce for my dinners. This list wasn’t so bad, sometimes they are out of control.

I got a few things outside of the recipes and as always got a few things that weren’t on the list at all…I ended up going to 2 stores because the tiny avocado oil at save on was $15 and I couldn’t do it. At planet organic the same one was $10 so I just got it aha. The ground cardamom was $10!!!!!!! and only came in one size…I guess these are things that you don’t have to buy often. I would say if you’re going to meal plan, it will be one pretty big shop a week. It can feel like you’re spending more because it’s all at once but if you divide the total by how many meals it’s not so scary. I spent close to $100 but I won’t need oil and frozen fruit, and things like that every shop, still / 5 is $20. Most dishes I make you can feed 2 from so I eat a lot of left over dinners for lunch and breaky, I love eating all foods at any time of the day! Dinner for breakfast, breakfast for dinner.

Keep in mind we buy our meat at a different store usually in bulk so I don’t factor that into the above^.

This weeks upcoming menu consists of:

  • coconut pineapple rice + roasted veggies (scrapped the chop)
  • skillet chicken thighs
  • carrot + cardamom soup
  • roasted portobello mushroom burgers
  • cavolini al forno ( I know that forno means oven in Italian, I am assuming cavolini means brussel sprout)

There’s no telling what order I’ll decide to eat these in….I will let you know if I find planning ahead helpful!! Also the apple chips were horrible ! Really.

On a side note, I am probably terrible to go shopping with. I hum and haw over the tiniest details and sometimes struggle to make quick decisions. I feel like taking some extra time is worth it for me at the store because it gives me the chance to read labels and make sure I get what I think I’m getting. For example, below is prosciutto from the same company one is “smoked” and the other is regular. You can see the one that is smoked has nitrates and sugar, and the non smoked ones has only salt and pepper added. In a rush it’s easy to grab either but if you slow down and read what you’re buying you might catch a few things.

I wonder why they have sodium nitrate listed 2 times one after the other. Do you think they can count it separately and manipulate the daily nutritional facts? It’s a bit disheartening that it’s such a puzzle to find out what’s really in food. Simple is better at times!