Broccoli soup 

Just made this for dinner tonight it was great.

You need:

  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 4 leeks (white and light green part only)
  • 1 large onion
  • 3 shallots
  • 1 1/2 pounds broccoli cut into uniform pieces
  • 1/4 cup diced apple
  • 4 cups broth of choice
  • 1 tbsp indian curry powder
  • 1 cup full fat coconut milk

Melt coconut oil over medium heat and add leeks, onion, shallots and pinch of salt. Saute until soft.

 Add chopped broccoli, apple, and broth. If veggies aren’t submerged add a bit of water. Crank up heat to high. Bring to a boil, and then lower heat to simmer. Simmer for 20 minutes until broccoli is soft.

 Add curry power, salt and pepper to taste. Turn off stove and cool soup slightly.
  Use immersion blender to blend the ingredients into a smooth broth.
    after it is smooth, stir in the cup of coconut oil with a spoon. Put back onto the heat and once more bring to a boil. Serve.
Yummy!! Cheesy broccoli soup ! 🙂 Delish. I got this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo cook book! I love soup


Carrot + Cardamom soup


Here are the ingredients I used. I always like to read through my recipe and pre measure what I can so that it is less hectic when I need that ingredient NOW!

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 large leeks (I used 1)
  • 1 1/2 lbs carrots – cut into1/2 inch coins
  • 1/4 cup diced apple
  • 1 tsp minced fresh ginger
  • 1/2 tsp ground cardamom
  • 4 cups chicken broth (I used the large container of broth I had made a bit ago, in total it was closer to 3 cups. This may have made my soup more of a puree than a liquid but I’m fine with that)
  • 1/2 full fat coconut milk.
  • black pepper

Melt coconut oil, add leeks and some salt, sautee for about 5 mins. Toss in the carrots, apple, ginger, and cardamom. Stir until “fragrant”. Pour in broth and bring to a boil over high heat. Once boiling, turn down heat to low, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Then mix in coconut milk.

You can finish the soup by using an immersion blender and blending right in the pot, or you can carefully transfer the soup to a glass blender and mix it that way. You may have to do it in batches if you’re using a blender.


Yum! It’s a nice hearty soup that is delicious and healthy. This lasted me the rest of the week. This recipe comes from ~>Nom Nom Paleo<~ check it out!!

Chicken and Broth

This is somewhat of a repeat post because I already went through all the steps for the crock pot chicken and broth. Just wanted to share it again because it’s so awesome.


With some fresh rosemary that we brought home with us from my moms garden, this chicken was very simply dressed. Lemon and garlic inside, rosemary outside. It was huge so we could only fit a small amount of carrots and celery into the pot with it. We made mashed yam too!


Such a delicious satisfying dinner! We had salad and the green stuff in the top corner is a salad dressing I made. This time with the leftovers I strained all the wilted carrots and celery out from the drippings. I added all the bones back in and only added some apple cider vinegar (helps with extraction), covered with water and cooked on low for 12 hours.

The next day when it was ready I strained it out and just added some to a mug! Apparently bone broth has lots of health benefits for you, you can use it in a lot of recipes, make soup, or just sip it!


Rob made breakfast while I sipped broth. What a morning. Its delicious, like soup. You can then refrigerate or freeze. Once cooled it should become a gelatin like substance. You can just reheat as needed! Yum.

Crock pot chicken and stock

I have wanted a slow cooker for a really long time and there was recently a big sale at Canadian tire and Rob and I got one!! Yay. The one we got is a Hamilton Beach brand and it is pretty large and comes with a thermometer so you can check the internal temperature of the meat.

From our freezer packs from our fav butcher you get a whole chicken. We weren’t really sure what to do with it since we didn’t have the proper baking dish to make it in the oven. So once we got the slow cooker it was the first thing we made! We had to thaw it for like 2 days but luckily we planned ahead.


We just went really simple for the recipe. I made Rob skin the chicken because it really grosses me out but he did a great job hehe…I put a chopped onion in the pot, and made a “bed” of carrots to keep the chicken off the bottom. Basiclly just seasoned it with salt, pepper, rosemary, chives, and inside the “cavity” (lol) I put halved lemon and garlic cloves.


Since we have the meat probe and I’ve never used this machine before I wasn’t sure how long to time it so we used that setting to ensure it was cooked through. I set it on low, and set it to cook until the internal temp was 165. We debated adding liquid into the pot because we both initially thought we should but the recipe didn’t call for it and upon some further research I found that chicken will produce it’s own liquids and adding it isn’t needed. We started this around noon and it cooked for a good 5-6 hours.


Once the temp was reached, it switches to warm and you can come home to a cooked bird!! It made me a bit nervous to leave a hot cooking device on at home for like 6 hours while leaving the house but that’s what it’s made for so just have to trust it….

For dinner we had chicken of course, which was fall off the bone delicious. We also had the carrots from the bottom as well as cauli fried rice. The crock pot was now almost half full of drippings and I was very excited about this because I have been wanting to make stock and switch out the store bought stuff for home made.

So after dinner I cleaned the chicken by taking all the good meat off and storing it for later. I then put all the bones back into the pot, added more onion, almost an entire bundle of celery, and enough water to cover the bones. I added some apple cider vinegar because I’ve read this is helpful for extracting the nutrients in the bones. Set it to low and timed it for 12 hours!!! Seems like a really long time but that’s what I read to do. We let it cook over night and it smelled so yummy.

I’ve been reading about the health benefits of bone broth. If you’re interested in reading further this blog has a pretty good break down of bones! The nutritional facts, the whys, and the hows. Some surprising benefits to be found.

IMG_9686 11 hours and 56 minutes to go…

In the morning when the broth was ready, I strained out the soft veg and bones so that I had a large pot of bone broth.


Basically I used it all to make soup. I did put a small portion into the freezer for future use but knew I wanted to make chicken soup!

Back on the stove I added cabbage, some of the chicken meat I had left over from the original cooked chicken, mushrooms, rosemary, fresh basil, green onion. That’s it. I would have added carrots or celery if I hadn’t used them all in the stock process but that’s fine. You can basically add anything that you want to eat in a soup. If you want noodles, add them, if you want barley add it. I really didn’t add very much seasoning or salt because I wanted to taste the broth for itself but you certainly can.


For dinner we had soup! Into each bowl I added a bunch of zoodles and then poured the hot soup over them. I didn’t add them right to the pot because I didn’t want them to get mushy. Topped with some Parmesan and fresh basil.

Chicken zoodle soup 🙂


Delish!! And makes quite a bit so we had lots of leftovers and enjoyed it over multiple days. The sweet thing is that the crock pot does most of the work, so even though in total it took like 24 hours for the chicken and then the stock to cook, I was not at the stove for any of that time. The only thing that was required us was prepping the chicken, eating it, cleaning the meat from the bones, adding it back into the stock and then adding veg to the stock for soup. All in all took like 1 hour over 2 days. Really easy and really worth it

Apple Bacon Butternut Squash Soup

Yup. Wow. So. Good.

I personally love root vegetables and specifically love butternut squash soup. It’s obviously not really in season but I still love it. It will be even better in the fall when I can get local squash. This is my first time making it! It was shockingly easy, and definitely something worth making again.

This recipe is once again from Make it Paleo 2. Such a good purchase.


So the first step is to peel and cube the butter nut squash. Roast for 40 mins at 425. Basically until it’s soft.

When my squash was done I set it aside. In a soup pot I added a chopped onion, lots of garlic and 5 pieces of bacon from the butcher. The recipe only called for 2 cloves of garlic but I added like 7.


When the onion becomes translucent and the bacon starts to cook (about 10 mins) add 2 granny smith apples peeled and diced. After 10 minutes add the roasted squash, 3 cups of chicken stock, cinnamon, salt and pepper.


The recipe called for sage but I skipped this because I didn’t have it. I thought about subbing a different herb but just decided against it. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 15 mins. I also had some carrots and cauliflower that I threw in the oven. The cauliflower was good and I added it in. My carrots however, became really dry and had a very unpleasant taste so I decided not to include them.

After 15 mins of simmering, use an immersion blender to puree the soup. Be careful! It’s hot and I found it splashed up.


Keep blending until it’s smooth and a delicious creamy texture. You may have to stir a few times and seek out the apples at the bottom. Apple bacon and squash just so happens to be a great combo!!


As a garnish, in a small frying pan mince 2 pieces of bacon and cook until crispy. Add to the top of each bowl. The recipe also says to drizzle the top with olive oil, I did the first time, and I didn’t really notice it. When I reheated this today, I didn’t add the olive oil. Mostly because I forgot but I didn’t really miss it.


Kind of stoked how much it resembles the cook book!! It was so yummy, even at 30 degrees. I love soup!!!